War Drums


Whenever I switch the TV News or read other mainstream news these days, I’m constantly seeing and hearing about Iran this and Iran that… nuclear development this and strait-of-hormuz that… Ahmadinejad this and Israel that… it’s as if the mainstream is throwing ‘stuff’ at the wall to see what, if anything, sticks while hoping or attempting to garner support for some sort of attack on Iran. More War…

I get the very distinct feeling that there are factions of the powers-that-be who would like nothing more than to ignite another war, to conveniently move the public’s attention from the stagnant and depressing economy to a ‘united’ ‘patriotic’ cause. It’s like we always need a villain to keep our minds from looking inward at ourselves.

While the goings on in Iran may arguably be destabilizing to the current power structure of the Gulf region and Middle East, and while Ahmadinejad is an apparent loose canon, it is curious as to the apparent attempts to stir up the American public on this matter. I get the feeling that it’s not working as well as they hoped for though. We’ll see.

How about another $Trillion or thereabouts for another war? Heck, we’re already $15 Trillion in the hole, what’s the big deal, right? It’s only paper, just print some more!


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