Did you know… the Dollar and Oil


Did you know that the dollar is considered the world’s reserve currency and the US can simply print more of it when needed (lend it to itself)?

Did you know that the ‘Federal Reserve’ prints all of the money for the United States?

Did you know that the ‘Federal Reserve’ is a privately owned institution and in no way is part of the United States government?

Did you know that every physical or digital dollar that is ‘printed’ or ‘digitized’ into existence is loaned to the United States government with interest due?

Do you know who gets all that interest?

Did you know that the United States government could print its own money if it wanted to (and it has in the past) with zero interest to itself?

Did you know that there is a revolving door of members from the banking system to the US government?

Did you know that world oil is priced in US dollars?

Did you know that Gaddafi of Libya was apparently threatening to price their oil in Gold instead of dollars, which nearly immediately led to the recent government overthrow there? (not saying or backing up Gaddafi’s other actions)

Did you know that Saddam Hussein was demanding oil for Euros, and coincidentally the US attacked Iraq shortly afterward? (not saying or backing up Hussein’s other actions)

Did you know that as the dollar weakens, the price of oil and gasoline increases?

Did you know that every dollar increase in the price of a barrel of oil costs about $100 Billion in consumer sales?

Did you know that it’s all about oil?


(just an observation…)
Most of what happens around us and in the global community is directly related to money, oil, among other things…


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