Gerald Celente 2011, They Gave It Their Best Shot

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Everyone knows that the only way they can keep the Ponzi scheme going is by printing more money. They label it ‘QE2’, or ‘QE3’, but it’s just printing more money.

The bubble is the fake money that the Fed and European banks are printing.

They have to do something to keep pumping money into the system,
and they’re going to do something…


The jobs numbers are horrible, they’re talking about austerity measures (which means more cutbacks), there were zero jobs created in August.

They gave it their best shot. Remember the stimulus programs? …and they’re coming up with goose eggs.

The stimulus went to the too-big-to-fails, to the rich. The gap between the rich and those who are not, is the widest in the US than any other industrialized nation.

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