The economy on a global scale is seriously weak, as reported by the International Labor Organization who has just published their Global Employment Trends for 2014.

They say that “Overall, the crisis-related global jobs gap that has opened up since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, over and above an already large number of jobseekers, continues to widen.”

And it is expected to get much worse…

The ‘real’ unemployment numbers, as opposed to the numbers from the ILO’s 2014 report, are very likely woefully worse, given the history of governments and organizations under-reporting bad news… However it’s bad enough when they say 206 million people are unemployed.

Young people continue to be particularly affected by the weak so-called “recovery”, and it is estimated (by the ILO) that some 74.5 million young people – aged 15–24 – were unemployed in 2013.

“The average length of unemployment has increased considerably,” they say, “a further sign of feeble job creation. In many advanced economies, the duration of unemployment has doubled in comparison with the pre-crisis situation.”

Regardless of how much worse you believe the ‘real’ numbers actually are, the fact is that they continue to worsen, even while governments continue attempts to ‘pump up’ economies with currency and manipulate numbers and markets.

At what point will it all crash down? How fast and hard will the crash be? How will it affect you and I?

Those who are concerned with this might want to consider taking serious steps towards protection from the coming economic fallout.

What happens when the overall number of unemployed reach a critical, restless mass?

No one knows if a worldwide economic crash will be slow and drawn out, or if it will be fast and furious. Each scenario plays out differently, but both are bad for you.

I suggest that you continue to question what you hear and read in the lame-stream media, as they are closely knit with what the government wants you to hear. Use your instinct. Be suspicious. Think for yourself. Dig deeper for the truths.

Most of all… be prepared.

Source: International Labor Organization ‘Global Employment Trends 2014’