New DOW Highs, A BULL($#!T) Market

New DOW Highs fueled by the FED

The stock market DOW has been hitting high after high, day after day during this past week… so the economy must be fixed, right? Happy days are here again? WRONG.

Watching the main stream media day after day on the new highs of the stock market, and there’s no mention of the ENORMOUS money printing by the Federal Reserve (the FED), and no mention of how this itself is underpinning and holding up the markets…

These thoughts and more are reflected by Greg Hunter of, who points out that…

…this FED fueled rally is a total disconnect from the economy
…the FED money printing IS propping up the economy, and they can’t stop it.
…If they did, the economy would implode. Period. The end.

“This is the tip of the Iceberg in America” says Hunter in this must-see video…

FED printing is bailing out the banks.

$40 Billion dollars a month buying mortgage backed securities.
$45 Billion a month of open-ended printing.
$85 Billion a month total printing.

$238 Trillion in unfunded liabilities… there is NO WAY we are EVER going to pay that bill…

War with Iran within a year, and it will be a global disaster…

The world is holding a Global Sustainable Currency Summit in September…
…in China

The theme of the summit is, “From money chaos to global currency”

What does that tell you???

Here’s Greg…



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