What’s the difference between digital money and cash?

Answer: Nothing, in its basic value. However there is a VERY significant difference when it comes to your freedom and liberty…

PRIVACY. When you use digital money, your privacy is completely relinquished. When you use digital money your are opting IN to a system that is monitoring YOU, and monitoring you for a number of reasons…

When you use cash money, you have the opportunity to opt OUT of the systems that track you. To remain more anonymous. To maintain more of your freedom of movement and choice.

When you use digital money (Debit cards, Credit cards, Online payments and purchases, etc.) it has become clear that you are not only being tracked by the businesses and their partners of whom you purchased from, but you are also being tracked by your government (NSA spy scandal, etc.).

ALL of your digital transactions become permanent records of WHEN you purchased, WHERE your purchased, and WHAT you purchased. You are leaving breadcrumbs behind you. You are leaving it up to ‘them’ to determine WHY you purchased… this is a potentially frightening and dangerous thing. Who’s to say your true reasons for purchasing anything? Who’s business is it to know? And why should they know? When you use digital money, your are opting IN to the system.

Digital money is so easy and so convenient, that it is sometimes more difficult, more time consuming, and more annoying to use cash as an alternative. But if you wish to maintain any semblance of anonymity and freedom of not being tracked and profiled, your next logical choice is to use CASH.

Break your habits.

It has been so easy to pull up to the gas pump and insert your debit card for a quick transaction. Instead, you will find that if you begin to force yourself to walk a few steps inside and prepay the cashier, it only takes a few moments of your time to remain completely anonymous as to what you just purchased and where you purchased it.

Grocery stores. Do you have their loyalty card which enables your discounts? Don’t use it. And don’t pay with your debit card. If you know someone else (in your family?) that shops at the same store, all you have to do is pretend you are them when you check out, and give the cashier their phone number for your discounts… most of these loyalty cards are tied to your phone number so all you need to do is provide the number upon checkout. If this is not possible, you simply forgo the discounts and pay the few extra dollars for your anonymity.

Think about this… the money that you would ‘save’ with your loyalty card goes to show how valuable your information is to them. Do you wish to opt OUT? Then pay cash.

Pay with cash for everything that you can. When the clerk invariably asks you during checkout, “Are you signed up with our blah-blah-blah for our company discounts?” just say, “No thanks, I’m all set”. It’s easy to do. When you walk out the door, NO ONE KNOWS what you bought and where you bought it.

When you start doing this, you will be amazed at the unique feeling of independence that this provides. It’s really quite remarkable.

There is also a very beneficial side effect to this type of behavior. Since it requires that you regularly withdraw cash for your day-to-day purchases, it ‘feels’ like more money than digital money because it’s right there in your hands. It’s different somehow. Therefore you will probably spend less of it. It’s a psychological effect.

A good habit is to withdraw a fairly substantial amount of cash (instead of going to an ATM every day) that will last you awhile. Get a small home safe to keep it in. Be you own bank.

Let me say it again… Be your own bank.

Today’s banking institutions pay next to nothing in interest for you to give it to them. So don’t do it. Keep it for yourself.

Pay cash. Be independent from the system. It’s one incremental step towards your freedom.

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