Perception of Wealth Distribution

Perception of Wealth Distribution

Perception is reality. How you perceive what is going on around you defines your reality. What you are perceiving may not be the truth or the ‘real’ reality, but it is your reality, and your truth. This perception always needs to be challenged if you wish to be closer to the real truth.

Having said that, you may be interested to watch this short video which illustrates the distribution of wealth in America. You may be surprised at what you see, which probably does not match your perception, or something even close to that…

First, please note that the data presented here is not income distribution, but wealth distribution. That is, the money that has been accumulated by individuals.

Also, in no way is this intended to instill emotions of “let’s take from the rich”. Except for those born with it, the ability to accumulate wealth is mostly in one’s own self.

The reason for presenting this is to illustrate how our perception about things can be so warped… and how we should always question our perceptions, especially when we discover that they are wrong.

The video illustrates what people have been sensing, that is, a shrinking middle class, thanks to the policies of the Banksters and our government, in my opinion. There is little arguing this fact. In fact, when you’re through watching this video, you may have a better understanding as to why most politicians do not really listen to you, middle class America. It’s all about the money… and who has it.

Real quality of life has little to do with wealth. While wealth certainly makes life easier in many ways, it does not necessarily make one happy or fulfilled. Still… watching this video is eye-opening to say the least.


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