Record US 223 Billion Dollar Monthly Deficit

this image is a fraction of an actual 223 Billion Dollars

Two Hundred Twenty Three Billion Dollars.

$223,000,000,000.00, a deficit analogy

Just 28 days of the United States government deficit spending during February, 2011, that is – just the part of February spending that they put on the government credit card (on top of the cash money they spent during the month), is the equivalent of a line of dollar bills stretching from the earth to the moon, not just once but 346 times!

Here’s another one. If your sole function in life from the age of 1 to the age of 85 was to count dollar bills, say, 3 per second, without any breaks or sleep, it would take 28 lifetimes to count 223 Billion dollars!

Okay, one more, I can’t resist… If the dollar was only worth as much as a sheet of toilet paper, the February record budget deficit would be equivalent to about 2.2 Billion rolls of toilet paper. Good for a lot of flushes.

The big picture
You get the picture, yes?

Now, bear that in mind while looking at the big picture of what the Democrats and Republicans have been proposing and battling for just one year’s worth of budget cuts…

I believe the D’s are talking about 6 Billion and the R’s are talking about 60 Billion, or thereabouts. So let me get this straight… they are talking about ‘cuts’ the equivalent of less than one day of deficit spending (Democans) while the other ‘they’ are talking about the equivalent of only about 8 days (Republicrats)!

Do not most people see the idiocy and lunacy of their squabbling and their play acting?

Their talk of 60 Billion is a drop in the bucket compared with the staggering hemorrhaging amount of money of just one year’s deficit spending, currently 1.3 Trillion.

It’s all ‘a show’
They are merely putting on a little show for the mind-numbed worker-bees who are either too busy with their nose to the grindstone to notice, or who cannot fathom the enormity of the sums in question or know the difference between Billions and Trillions, and who keep on voting them back in office while Rome burns around them.

Neither the D’s or the R’s are in any way serious about cutting spending. They are entirely insulated from the negative results of their actions. They are feathering their nests, they are robbing the treasury, they are not required to abide by the laws that they pass, they are set for life once serving their term or they move on to make millions afterward as corporate lobbyists, they are opted out of the upcoming national health-care and have their own cushy plans, the list goes on and on…

The collapse
The Ponzi scheme of quantitative easing may likely collapse one day, and when it does, the elite will not be touched. It will be the middle class who will have been stripped of their wealth and will suffer through many years, if not decades, of payback for having voted themselves the government that they deserve.

Prepare for a dollar crisis. I feel it is coming some day, if not slowly, it could come surprisingly fast. The looters are trying their best to raise the temperature of the frying pan just slow enough so the majority won’t know what hit them and won’t jump out until it’s too late. The problem is, in today’s global system, it’s not just the U.S. with their hands on the temperature control…

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