State Unemployment – Employment Map

Employment Survival… want to know where the jobs are going and where they are leaving from? The following State unemployment map, seen at ZeroHedge and sourced from BLS and Bloomberg, shows the direction of employment and unemployment of each state in the US as of this post.


Florida (+28,000)
followed by Ohio (+12,000)
Arizona and Louisiana (+10,100 each)
Texas (+8,800)

California (-29,200)
followed by New York (-24,700)
Pennsylvania (-14,200)
Michigan (-13,400)
and Maryland (-13,300)

The largest over-the-year percentage increase occurred in North Dakota (+4.3 percent)
followed by Texas (+2.0 percent)
Nebraska (+1.9 percent)
and Wyoming (+1.7 percent)

The largest over-the-year percent decrease in employment occurred in Maryland (-0.8 percent)
followed by New Mexico (-0.7 percent)
and Georgia and Nevada (-0.6 percent each)

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