During the crisis of SHTF, and the aftermath that follows, everything changes. Many of the ‘rules’ about our currency and money will change, or might not apply at all…

So, what is the truth of currency and money?



…is a medium of exchange, and is not necessarily money (in my opinion). For example, today we typically use the dollar as a currency – simply a piece of paper which is used to exchange with things like your time and labor or a product or service that you provide. The paper in and of itself is just that… a piece of paper with ink on it. It is only ‘worth’ the value of the paper itself. EXCEPT… we give it worth because we trust that others will accept it as a medium of exchange. It is all about trust (through government enforcement).

Here’s the thing though… if that trust (and/or government) breaks down, or if TSHTF in a significant way, that dollar bill will become a lesser medium of exchange, and could even become worthless. It is not money.


…is a store of value – of wealth (in my opinion). It is tangible and physical. It can be many different things, many of which are commonly viewed and valued worldwide as traditional money. Things like precious metals (gold and silver). One’s possessions could be considered as forms of money – especially if they are of any value to others. If you own a home, it is money. Your land is money. Your vehicle is money. Your food is money. Etc. These are all tangible things.


Currency (e.g. dollars) is used to eventually exchange for real money, real things.
Currency itself is not real money.

After a SHTF collapse of society, currency itself will not be valued as it once was. This of course will depend on the extent of the collapse, but for the most part it’s ‘value’ will be quickly eroded as less and less people accept pieces of paper for tangible necessities (or even luxuries).

Currencies ALWAYS eventually collapse. It has happened throughout history. There is not one single instance where a currency has stood the tests of time. They always fail – eventually. When that happens… those left holding the bag (filled with currency) will be the losers. To avoid this eventual certainty, it may be best to convert one’s paper currency into real things – things of value (whatever that means to you), especially if you are preparing for collapse…

After TSHTF or a major societal-economic collapse, the ‘perceived’ value of paper-based currency will diminish or extinguish. Physical assets will matter most. Bartering and trading of physical assets will become more commonplace.


If you are a prepper, there are things you can do to protect yourself from the coming collapse.

Get out of debt. The things that you think you own (but they’re actually paid for by a loan) will be taken away from you by the lenders and their enforcers. So plan accordingly. If you know you won’t be able to pay it off, then have a plan for how you will do without it (whatever it is).

Determine what you need to buy, BEFORE the collapse, and do your best to acquire those things with today’s ‘paper’ currency. As a prepper, you’ll never have enough – so look where to fill those gaps.

Do not use credit. Do not buy anything on loan.

If the collapse ever comes, you will be better prepared with physical assets of value.
If the collapse never comes, you will have still done yourself a favor by having become better prepared with real assets – which are yours.

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