image credit: Gregory Mannarino, Greg Hunter

What you are seeing in the chart above is something that has only happened twice before.

The first time was just before the Dot-Com Bubble Crash, the second time was just before the 2008 Credit Bubble Crash, and the third time is now, it’s happening right now…

A critical moving average crossover has occurred in the S&P 500 Index – the crossover between the ‘Hull Moving Average’ and the ’21-day moving average’.

Something Very Big has already begun…

It’s not that “maybe it’s going to happen”, it has already started…

The crossing point indicator:
image credit: Gregory Mannarino, Greg Hunter

The following brief of excerpts, sourced from Gregory Mannarino of during an interview with Greg Hunter of, is another wake-up call that all is not well in the world of make-believe…

About Gregory Mannarino: He has a global following and is the only trader/analyst ON EARTH who called the top of this market almost to the day last May.

About Greg Hunter: Formerly of ABC News, Good Morning America, CNN, and now works up a daily video post on his website with a history of getting to the truth before others…

Despite what we’ve seen in the recent stock market gains over the past several weeks, we have had an abysmal start to the year. The only reason that we have seen this recent stock market rally is on speculation about crude oil. There are so many things linked to the price of crude oil that the powers-that-be will do anything to protect it.

So what did they do? According to Gregory Mannarino (and others) they literally went out and ‘forced’ speculation in that market, which has pushed crude oil up a bit… But in the opinion of many, this won’t last, given the reality of the global economic situation. Nothing has changed fundamentally. This has been a ‘fools rally’.

There’s no stopping what is coming. They can’t stop this. They can prop it up, they can twist it, maybe even pull some rabbits out of the hat, but it will not stop what is coming. It’s a mathematical fact. This is happening — now.

The issue here is the financial system. By any measure that you want to look at it, it is broken, it is not working, and as a matter of fact it has completely failed.

So they have to prop it up until the inevitable end. This propping up mechanism is taking every asset class and twisting it, and making it worse. They cannot fix the issue. All they can do at this particular time (and they’ve been doing for quite awhile) is making distortions worse.

Their system has already failed and is coming apart, and unfortunately a great many people are going to suffer worse than they can possibly imagine.

While Mannarino is not predicting a date, it his opinion that ‘the market’ will do what it always has eventually done, and that is to seek ‘real’ asset value. Given the massive (ever) bubble that we’re in right now, as seen below his projection is not a happy one…

image credit: Gregory Mannarino, Greg Hunter

Here’s the interview with Hunter and Mannarino…

It may behoove you to understand what you need to do…
Be prepared for any and all level of systemic financial collapse.

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