There’s no semblance of a free market whatsoever. That’s completely gone. They’re rigging LIBOR, they’re rigging the treasury market, they’re rigging the gold market, they’re rigging the stock market…

Wait a minute… the collapse isn’t coming, it’s already begun…

Greg Hunter of recently interviewed David Quintieri, the author of the book, “The Money GPS”, who said “The numbers that you see on the TV and in the newspapers are completely fraudulent.”

“When the collapse happens, those holding real assets are going to be the ones with all the wealth.”

“Don’t expect cash in the bank to help you either,” “They’re going to go money printing all the way. But it doesn’t go to the people, it goes to the banks. And whatever money’s left behind, they’re going to do a bail-in with it.”

The relation to “real” goods. That’s what really matters. You need to eat, so obviously that’s one of the important things… not where the Dow Jones is at.

At this moment there are $1.5 quadrillion in derivatives sitting on top of our system waiting to destroy it.

Quintieri says, “Warning… please prepare.”

I share David’s general viewpoint, as well as that of Greg Hunter (and many others), that we ARE heading for some sort of global financial collapse, and those who are holding “real” assets will be better off than those holding paper.

This viewpoint goes hand in hand with a prepper mentality. That is, acquiring tangible things (and skills) that support life and self-sufficiency. When the financial collapse hits the fan, it will be quite devastating for most people. Those who recognize the very real possibility of this scenario and those who take appropriate action before it happens, will stand a chance to live a better life afterwards.

Here is Greg’s interview with David Quintieri.

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