This System Is In Deep Trouble Waiting To Blow


The economic doom and gloom has certainly accelerated lately. It makes you wonder how much longer this thing will hold together before the next shoe drops. A few recent articles around the blogoshpere point towards sooner rather than later…


The article title is part of a quote from Larry Elliott of the who sums up a recent post saying, “Together, the global imbalances, the manic-depressive behaviour of stock markets, the venality of the financial sector, the growing gulf between rich and poor, the high levels of unemployment, the naked consumerism and the riots are telling us something. This is a system in deep trouble and it is waiting to blow.”

The rest of the article: We’ve been warned: the system is ready to blow


A guest post by Guy McPherson over on reads, “U.S. national debt isn’t really $14 trillion and change, as we’ve been led to believe. In fact, it exceeds $200 trillion…It cannot be paid off, ever. The response will be default. With luck, it’ll happen quickly and completely, thus sending us directly to the new dark age (with the post-industrial Stone Age soon to follow).”

The rest of the article: Three Paths To Near-Term Human Extinction


The Economic Collapse Blog reports, “Global financial markets are being held together with chicken wire and duct tape. At some point the pyramid of corruption and con games is going to come crashing down. If you still have faith in the system, you are not very wise. We are heading for an economic collapse that will be absolutely unprecedented, and you need to be getting prepared.”

The rest of the article: Bad News


That’s all OK though, because the president of the United States while on Martha’s Vineyard for vacation, just strolled into a local bookstore and purchased Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”…


Why do we keep repeating this general message here? Because we believe that this risk warrants it. The more prepared you are today, the better off you’ll be when it’s all over.

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