Total Control In A Cashless Society

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The bankers ultimate dream is a cashless society. In one, they will have taken total control. When the time comes when transactions are not accepted with a cash medium, ‘they’ will then have obtained the ability to fully manipulate your behavior.

Think about it. While many of us enjoy the conveniences of debit cards, automatic payments, online banking, automatic deposit, etc., many of us also are encountering or transacting in ‘cash’, less and less.

A downside to a cashless society is the fact that EVERYTHING you buy will be logged, applied to algorithms, and stored in databases. Those who have access to the databases will be able to profile you. If the profiler is the government, or certain corporations in collaboration with the government, they could potentially create profiles and rules for you, your transactions, your habits and movements, and even impose limits or premiums for certain behavior. You could really go deep with conspiracy related potential abuses of such power, and thinking it through (the devious possibilities) is not beyond the realm of what could one day happen. When it comes to government, it’s always about the money and control.

You will never again be free should the bankster gangsters, in cahoots with the guberment, be able to track and monitor your every financial move in real time.

But guess what? They are experimenting with this right now, as I type this, with the U.S. military. According to, who recently received a note from a deployed military member, the military has implemented the Eagle cash card, a misnomer since there’s NO CASH involved.

We are already using “Chips”, however, these chips are “Smart Cards” with chips on them. It is called the “Eagle Cash Card”. As with most technology that the government employs, they are trying it on the Department of Defense in areas not in plain site of regular civilians.

We basically use it as anyone would use a standard Credit Card, however, the funds come directly from our bank accounts. We can load funds on it and immediately use it at every vendor. We can also transfer funds among each other (From Soldier to Soldier).

This sounds similar to a debit card, which withdraws directly from your bank account. The difference though appears to be person-to-person transactions, and the apparent ability to transact ALL financials among the parties involved… for EVERYTHING.

This is just another part of the slippery slope into a 100% fascist society, controlled by a tiny group of elite psychopaths. “I have been using it for more than three years now at an undisclosed location in the Middle East.”


Things aren’t out of control yet in this realm, but just remember that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When the system goes live, YOU will be your ‘ID’, and you will not be able to transact without joining the system. They will have achieved absolute power (over you). No doubt that if you do not join, you will be breaking the law.

As technology advances and these things become increasingly doable, and are accepted more widely, you can visualize what it could become. Some will argue how this will not be a problem and how it will be ordinary technological advancement in our modern society. Others though will recognize how this will lead to total control of a enslaved modern people who themselves will not be free (as our forefathers defined freedom). Instead they will be led (pulled) by the brass ring in their noses as they live within the confines of that ‘modern’ system. The powers-that-be will extract what they want, while the people will have no choice but to comply – or starve.

They will have to ‘ban’ backyard vegetable gardens first, but I’m waiting for that bit of legislation… they’ve already implemented some forms of this, but that’s another post for another day.


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