US Mint Gold And Silver Coin Sales Surge In January


January sales of American Buffalo and American Eagle gold coins exploded as U.S. Mint Bullion coins soared to highs. And it wasn’t just gold coins, but sales of one-ounce, 99.9% pure American Eagle silver coins hit the highest tally since the same time last year – and only three other months since it’s introduction in 1986 have scored higher sales (all during past 3 yrs.).

What is this telling us?

It’s telling us that there are more and more people who are exchanging their Fiat paper dollar currency into gold and silver ‘money’ which has withstood the test of time for thousands of years.

It’s telling us that people are losing confidence, and are looking for an alternative means to preserve their wealth. Gold and Silver is ‘money’ all around the world, and is independent of the Fiat systems of currency and the problems associated with them.

A one-ounce .9999 American Buffalo coin will just sit there – all shiny – not caring at all what a government is doing with it’s currency. To a large extent, gold and silver money hold their relative value while what often changes is the currency itself – sometimes wildly.

One thing for sure… the dollar has been being debased ever since the Federal Reserve in 1913, and it will continue to do so. On the other hand, you cannot debase an ounce of gold or silver (unless you physically break off a piece of the coin).

According to,

January sales of one-ounce, 22-karat American Eagle gold coins reached 91,500 ounces, the highest monthly total since April 2013. Sales surged 63% from December.

January sales of one-ounce, 24-karat American Buffalo gold coins advanced 41,500, jumping 493% from December for the highest monthly total since January of last year.

From a preparedness standpoint, most believe that diversification out of a failing currency is a wise move. It begins with reducing or eliminating debt, building up one’s own supplies for personal preparedness and security, establishing a debt-free roof over your head if at all possible, and then with what’s left over — owning an amount of gold and silver for wealth preservation.

When the U.S. dollar collapses (and it will – they ALL have), there will invariably be another form of currency sometime after the dust settles from the chaos of collapse. When this happens, your gold and silver will still be money. If you held dollars, they will be worth less or worthless.

Gold and silver is more of an insurance policy of sorts. It’s your hedge against the existing currency system and irresponsible governments.


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