We are presently living in the beginning of the last 5 minutes of a 50 minute exponential curve function, a time when change will become alarmingly rapid, a time which will leave many people in shock and fear.

We are all ‘wired’ for linear functions – things that happen at a relatively known rate or constant. Understanding ‘exponential’ requires thinking and understanding as it is not natural for us in our everyday lives. It is a function such that the rate of change will be going along somewhat calmly and then at some later point in time it suddenly ramps up in a dizzying escalation. It is in fact the function that many of our built-in systems are tied to, and a function which will show its teeth very soon.

I have been following Chris Martenson for several years and have a deep respect for his background, his opinions, and his predictions. He has a scientific background, a very logical mind, and a talent for teaching and presentation.

The following video presentation is worth far more than the time you will spend to watch it and it encapsulates the situation we are now in, and is presented in a manner that is understandable, factual, and without apparent bias.

As I watched this presentation, I could not stop watching – as his words rang true with my own beliefs. His presentation lasts 40 minutes followed by 30 minutes of questions-and-answers. The following 70 minutes of your time (at least the first 40) may open your eyes, or reaffirm what you’ve been feeling all along…

Oh, and the earlier reference to 5 minutes left till Armageddon is revealed in a hypothetical example in Chris’ presentation.

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