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It has to happen, and it will happen. The economy will reset. And this will result in massive wealth loss and violence that will shock and awe.

Economy Reset | What Will Happen?

Violence from the ‘Welfare State’

EBT cards will stop working or their payout will be slashed in value. There is no doubt in my mind that violence will result. A tremendous portion of our nation relies on government welfare (EBT cards and other assistance). They will not be happy. And in fact, will violently protest.

Soaring Food Prices

The effective cost of food (and ALL THINGS) will drastically reset higher. Many people will not afford it. More specifically, they won’t afford the foods that they were used to.

Debt Defaults

The majority of the population lives paycheck-to-paycheck. A currency reset will be devastating in every way. There will be massive defaults on debts. Foreclosures and repossessions.

Massive Job Losses | Great Depression

Businesses will be hit hard. Job losses will be severe. A Greater Depression will likely result. It could really be horrible.

Political Social Violence

The reset will result in today’s sharp political differences becoming violent. Desperate people will assault “the other side”. The people will need a villain to blame. They always do. When “each side” sees the other as the villain, it will get bloody.

Don’t Ignore What’s Going On

It will happen fast. That is, when it happens. Today’s modern technology and systemic infrastructure for survival will enable (force) the fall to be quick and severe.

I know I’m painting a pretty dark picture. The words are fearful with doom and gloom. If you don’t like it, or if it makes you uncomfortable, just go back to your safe space. For the rest, read on.

Our debt is ridiculous. The U.S. national debt as of this writing is $22.5 Trillion. U.S. unfunded liabilities are $125 Trillion. That’s more than $1 Million per taxpayer.

Obviously, this will NEVER be paid off and WILL get worse. The question is, when will the rest of the world lose faith and dump the dollar? Answer: they’re already doing it.

The only reason we haven’t had reset already is due to the threat of U.S. military force on those (nations) who dare to buck the system of the United States dollar. But there’s a problem…

China. Russia. Iran. Other nations too. They have developed their own currency trading systems outside of the dollar system (e.g. SWIFT). More and more they are circumventing the need for our dollar.

Fewer are purchasing U.S. debt. Eventually all this will result in a major crash and reset, or, a major war. Both are very bad for us.

Don’t Assume the U.S. Will Prevail

Yes, the United States has spent the most money on military, by far. In fact it’s incredible what we spend every year on the military budget. Yes, the military is loaded with high-tech weapon systems and technology. But don’t assume that this cannot or will not be defeated in some way.

There are many ways that low-tech can defeat high-tech. Sometimes I wonder if we have gone too far in the high-tech military arena. We spend $2 billion on a aircraft carrier. Could one hyper-sonic missile sink it to the bottom? Just askin…

Could We Beat China In War?

China currently is reported to have more than 2 million active military and half a million reserve military. China has a population of 1.4 billion to draw on for ‘the draft’ if needed.

They have nuclear weapons and ICBM’s. China has much of our technology, some given to them, some stolen. China is not some backward nation. They are developed and high-tech in many ways. They are the manufacturing power base of the world. It wouldn’t take them long to bang out lots of ships, planes, tanks, like we used to do during WWII.

I know the War Hawks within the military industrial complex are NOT afraid of war with any nation, perhaps to the extent of being foolish. But will they take us to war to save the dollar if they need to?

I’m just putting out statements to think about.

We assume that we are the almighty powerful and no one will touch us. The problem is, we sold the farm a long time ago, so to speak. We gave our manufacturing to China and others for the sake of cheaper products and a bubble economy here at home. But the bubble’s gonna burst one day.

Prepare For A Reset

I have no crystal ball. Of course I do not know when this will happen. But I certainly believe that it will happen. Therefore it is wise to prepare.

Rather than going on and writing ‘a book’, I will simply give you the 30,000 foot view of what I have been doing.

Living on Less Money

We are living on less money than we used to. We still enjoy some splurging once in awhile and perhaps a vacation somewhere warm during the winter. But we’re being careful on frivolous spending.

We have gotten rid of debt (thankfully a number of years ago). Some of it was hard work and frugality while some of it was luck too. Get rid of debt. A reset will NOT equate to paying less. The banks will NOT allow you to win that game.

Trim your budget. Downsize. Imagine your living conditions if your income were cut in half (just an example). What in the world would you do? Think about it.

Build up Food Reserves

Listen, food prices will NEVER go down. Whatever you can manage to buy today (without wasting it) will save money later. Be careful though. Use food rotation of your long term storage. Eat it and consume it. Buy what you eat and eat what you store.

Should events get bad, YOU WILL STILL NEED FOOD!

We’ve beefed up our home canning efforts recently while taking advantage of deep sale discounts at the grocery store. It’s great peace of mind seeing shelves filled with home canned foods (among other things).

I am in the process of re-evaluating just exactly what it is that we have in the food department. Organizing. Weeding out the products we haven’t used. Checking dates. It helps to do a deep look once in a while. It gives you a better understanding of just how much you have or how long it may really last.


I have always been an advocate of good home and personal security. For whatever reason, I just enjoy this area of preparedness. Maybe I was a cop in a previous life, who knows…

Home security is, and will especially be, a very important aspect of preparedness following a reset.

There WILL be anger, desperation, and violence. I don’t care where you live, chances are you will encounter it to one degree or another.

The best things that you can do are to implement systems of avoidance and deterrence, as well as detection. The last thing you want to do is engage. But you need to prepare for that too.


Don’t let normalcy bias bite you in the ass. That bite could be fatal.

Prepare for the coming economy reset. There’s no avoiding it. It is a mathematical certainty.

Don’t fool yourself into believing that the reset will stretch out over a long period of time, and therefore be relatively painless for you. Because if you’re wrong…

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