…watch out for economic collapse during the end of 2012.

The exact words were, “There hasn’t been a case in history where they haven’t eventually printed money and devalued their currency,” “People concentrate on the particular thing of the moment, and they forget the larger underlying forces,” he said. “That’s what got us into the debt crisis. It’s just today, today.”

According to an interview between ‘The New Yorker’ and Ray Dalio of Bridgewater, Dalio believes that some heavily indebted countries, including the United States, will eventually opt for printing money as a way to deal with their debts, which will lead to a collapse in their currency and in their bond markets.

When asked by ‘The New Yorker’ when all this would start to come together. “I think late 2012 or early 2013 is going to be another very difficult period,” he said.

Reference: Mastering The Machine

So, when the world’s biggest hedge fund manager / founder says we’re in for collapse, as well as countless other experts who are pounding the drum and not being reported in the main stream media, I believe it’s time to make contingency plans to keep your head above water come a year from now.

With the 2012 elections in play, there is no doubt that the powers-that-be will do whatever it takes to keep things patched together as best they can until then, that is, print more money, whatever it takes. But all bets are off after that. Who’s to say though, things could come apart even sooner.

What can you do to protect yourself? Plan for inflation, more specifically, staglfation. A stagnant economy with inflation. A double-whammy. Your dollar will buy less and less as time goes on while things like commodities rise and rise – energy, gold, silver, food…

Buy supplies now rather than later. Don’t buy things that put you further in debt. Plan for some possible level of economic chaos, which could lead to some level of physical chaos if things get bad enough – probably geographically and socioeconomically dependent.

Hope for the best, but be ready to adapt. Treat the possibility of economic collapse the same as you would for buying homeowners insurance, car insurance, etc… except this really is a form of ‘life’ insurance.

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