2nd Coldest Start To Spring In The USA

2nd coldest start to Spring in United States
image: www.hprcc.unl.edu

We have been experiencing one of the coldest Spring seasons ever recorded in the United States as temperatures across the country have been the lowest on average since 1975, the 2nd lowest ever…

You may have noticed… winter has been slow to loosen its grip of cool temperatures this Spring. You may have even delayed your Spring planting this year…

The image above shows the temperature departure from normal in the United States from the beginning of this year through April.


Clearly, the country has been experiencing cooler than average temperatures, as proven from data sourced by the High Plains Regional Climate Center, the HPRCC being well recognized as one of the centers of expertise in the use of weather and climate data.

In addition, the US April temperatures since 1930 record keeping of all United States HCN stations (Historical Climatology Network) have been declining on average!

“The United States Historical Climatology Network (HCN) comprises 1221 high-quality long-term climate observing stations.”

The following chart from StevenGoddard.wordpress.com illustrates the April temperature decline. The data has been sourced from NOAA records of HCN raw data.

Declining April Temperatures
image: Steven Goddard


Spring may finally be here, but it has been a long time coming…

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