3 Million Without Power, October SnowStorm


Snowstorm’s are not unusual in the northeast US. However, the massive nor’easter that blasted through during October 30, 2011 has left an enormous number of homes without power / electricity and has shattered records all over.

The timing could not have been worse for a major heavy-wet snow. The leaves had not yet fallen from their branches and the very heavy snow sticking to leaves have overburdened their capacity to hold up, and have been snapping off and tearing down power lines. 3 million in the entire region are reportedly without power.


From CL&P (Connecticut Light & Power)
“Unprecedented damage, be prepared to be a week or more without electricity.”

Take a look at the CL&P power outage map from the morning of Oct. 30.
Black = 80 to 100% without power.


For your future interest, here is the live CL&P power outage map link


Here’s the point of this short article… take a look at the black areas in the map above. Most, if not all homes there are without power, and might be without electricity for a week or more. That, folks, is a life threatening situation. Are you prepared if that were to happen to you?

How would you heat your home and stay warm (assuming it’s winter)?

How would you cook food if you don’t have a natural-gas stove?

If you have well water, how would you get your water?

How would you handle the foods in your refrigerator and freezers?

How would you keep your pipes from freezing (if it were the middle of winter)?

How would you get fuel for your vehicle if all the gas pumps in the region are without electricity?

How would you get food if all you have is a 3-day supply and the stores are without electricity?


Lots of questions, yes…

Think about the answers, BEFORE it becomes an emergency…


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