329 Tornado Reports during 6 Days of April


Between April 22 and 27, The data from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center of Norman, Oklahoma reveals that 329 tornadoes have been reported and more than 1,000 hail storms have been reported, in just 6 days! The reported tornadoes versus actual confirmed tornadoes remains to be reconciled.

April 27 was the most devastating day. During that day alone, 164 tornadoes were reported. The death toll nears 300 as a consequence of the severe tornado outbreak.

The record for most tornadoes in any month (since modern tornado record-keeping began in 1950) was set in May 2003, with 543 tornadoes. So far during April, 2011, more than 620 tornadoes have been reported so far. The number awaits official confirmation.


Yesterday’s deadly outbreak is likely the deadliest since the “Super Outbreak” of April 3-4, 1974, when more than 148 tornadoes were confirmed and 330 people were killed.

From LiveScience.com, a lingering La Niña pattern may be behind the steady march of storms across the region in recent days.

Along with creating dry weather in the Southwest and contributing to the historic wildfires in Texas, La Niña tends to guide the jet stream north through the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes, trapping cold air on the northern side and the warm, humid air needed for thunderstorms on the southern side.

That means that the South stays wet because cold fronts that would normally dry out the atmosphere are blocked.

How Tornadoes Form

Video of a particularly damaging, mile wide (at times) Tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tornado prevention?

Be aware of the weather forecast. Although severe weather is usually widely predicted on main-stream media outlets, an even better source of watches and warnings is having your own weather radio. Top 10 Best Weather Radios, 2011

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