5 Amazing Charts Of Our Recent Climate Cool Down


I recently came across five interesting charts which reflect the gut opinion I’ve had lately – that it’s actually getting a bit cooler out there compared to some years gone by.

Our climate is always changing (that’s what weather does) in cycles and oscillations – some long, some short, under a myriad of underlying causes – many of which have been scientifically identified (e.g. El Niño, La Niña, Pacific decadal oscillation, Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, Arctic Oscillation, glacial periods, etc..) while others are politically identified (e.g global warming, climate change).

No matter the cause for our recent cool down, here are five statistical charts which may support your notion that it has indeed been cooler than ‘normal’ out there lately…


1. 90 Degree Days

The frequency of 90 degree days in the US has plummeted, with four of the six mildest summers occurring since 1992.

Frequency Of 90 Degree Days At All HCN Stations
Chart: Steven Goddard via HCN Station Data



2. 100 Degree Days

100 degree days have plummeted in the US, and are near a record low.

Frequency Of 90 Degree Days At All HCN Stations
Chart: Steven Goddard via HCN Station Data



3. A Very Cold Year

The US is having its 4th coldest year since 1924.

Average Temperature Anomaly At All US HCN Stations
Chart: Steven Goddard via HCN Station Data



4. Record Autumn Snow Cover

The Northern Hemisphere winter snow cover is at record levels, and autumn snow cover is also in a ‘hockey stick’ over the past 35 years.

Northern Hemisphere Autumn Snow Cover
Source: Rutgers University Climate Lab : Global Snow Lab



5. Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic sea ice is growing at an unprecedented pace.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent
Source: COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut


It has been a bit warmer out west, but the majority of the country has been cooler than normal. What about where you live? Have you noticed it being cooler and/or a ‘shorter’ summer season? Do you think we’re headed for a long cold winter?


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