5 Best Weather Radios for 2012


UPDATE: Weather Radio Reviews 2013

The top 5 best weather radios for early 2012, (popular, with the least number of bad reviews coupled with the number of good reviews) as measured from Amazon statistical data are as follows…

# 1 First Alert Public Alert Radio
(UPDATE 2014: discontinued by manufacturer)

# 2 Sangean CL-100 Table Top Weather Radio

# 3 Midland WR-120B NOAA Weather Alert All Hazard

# 4 Midland WR-300 Weather Radio

# 5 Midland WR-100 Weather Radio
(UPDATE 2014: discontinued by manufacturer)

How did we determine what is the best weather radio? This year, not only did we look at the overall number of sales (popularity) and the total number of reviews (which reflect a product’s popularity), but we factored in the percentage of ‘bad’ reviews as a percentage of overall reviews.

The thinking was that the weather radio with the least percentage of poor reviews coupled with the overall number of good reviews would provide a better overall indicator of a product’s rating.

Good = 3, 4, 5-Star ratings
Bad = 1, 2-Star ratings


The ‘First Alert’ weather radio won first place while using this method with 100% ‘good’ reviews. Total: 120 reviews.

The Sangean CL-100 tabletop weather radio took second place with 94% good reviews. Total: 64 reviews.

The Midland WR-120B weather radio came in third with 91% good reviews. Total: 105 reviews.

The Midland WR-300 has been the most popular selling weather radio by far for several years and has 768 reviews, 87% ‘good’.

The Midland WR-100 has been the second most popular selling weather radio with 350 reviews, 86% of them are ‘good’.


Weather radios are not expensive, and can be life-saving insurance. As a prepper, I would not be caught without one.

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