A List of Weather Links


The following list of weather links include real-time data and radar, satellite, severe thunderstorm and tornado outlooks and warnings, lightning, maps, temperatures, pressure, tsunami, buoy data, and other weather related sites for your weather preparedness…

Radar: 10 U.S. Regional Loops, plus Alaska and Hawaii.
U.S. Regional Radar

Radar: Large High Resolution U.S.; click within the map to zoom to local radar.
Radar – National Mosaic – Full Resolution

Radar: WunderMap of Wunderground.com

Temperature: Current U.S. Temps and Contours
Continental U.S. Temperatures

Temperature: High Temp Forecast Map
U.S. Map: High Temperature Forecast

Temperature: Low Temp Forecast Map
U.S. Map: Low Temperature Forecast

Satellite: Links from NOAA Satellite and Information Service
Weather Satellite links from NWS

Satellite: ‘GOES’ East and West
GOES Project Science

Severe: Real-time Severe Weather Warnings List
Severe Weather & Warnings

Severe: Real-time Watches and Warnings Map
Severe Weather Map

Drought: Map from the University of Nebraska.
US Drought Monitor

Lightning: Real-time Map of the U.S.
VAISALA – Real-time Lightning Map U.S.

Buoy: Worldwide Buoy Data weather conditions, wave heights, ocean temperatures
National Data Buoy Center

Tsunami: Warning – Pacific, Hawaii, Caribbean
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Observations: NOAA Web Mapping Portal to real-time observations and data
noaa’s nowCOAST

Storm Outlook: Today’s Convective Outlooks (Thunderstorms, Tornadoes) NOAA
Current Convective Outlooks

Radio: Listen to NOAA Weather Radio Broadcasts from around the country.
NOAA Weather Radio – online

Cams: Thousands of Weather Cams from around the US.
Weather Webcams

Model: ECMWF ‘EURO’ Weather Model Page (the most reliable of them all)
ECMWF ‘EURO’ Model Page

Track: ‘Spaghetti’ Tracks: Tropical, Hurricane, Cyclone (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory)
Hurricane, Tropical, ‘Spaghetti’ Tracks

Forecast: Map for tomorrow
Tomorrow’s Forecast

Wind: Current Winds of the Earth
Animated Current Winds

Share your favorite weather links in the comments section below…

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