Gas Lines in Connecticut, A Lesson Learned


According to a report from ‘NBC Connecticut’, “In Hartford police are keeping order at a gas station near Airport Road so no one cuts in line”, a situation that is cropping up all over and may be getting worse as the massive power outage continues in parts of New England following the freak October snowstorm that dumped nearly 1 to 3 feet of snow. The leaves on the tress, not having fallen off yet for the winter, captured the very wet heavy snow which eventually toppled and uprooted countless trees toppling into power lines all across Connecticut, Massachusetts and other northeast states, resulting in unprecedented region-wide power outages that could last for another week in many areas.

One immediate and worsening side effect of the power outages have been a lack of availability of gasoline for vehicles and generators. Except for the few regions that still have power, the gas stations are ‘down’ and the gasoline cannot be pumped from their tanks. People are running out of gas, and getting desperate. Many are driving far and wide to find areas with power, to fill their tanks. The search for gasoline has apparently become so demanding that long lines are developing at any gas station that has power. The police have been called…


What’s the lesson here?

Not only is it wise to stock up with some food and supplies (BEFORE an event), but also stock up with some extra gasoline.

It’s not that difficult, but you will have to spend some money up front on gas cans. Most typical ‘approved’ plastic gas ‘cans’ that may hold 5 gallons will probably cost about $20 each. 5 gallons of gas will cost about $20, so, that’s an upfront total cost of about $40 to hold 5 gallons of gasoline. Expensive, yes, a bit… but…

I would not stop at 5 gallons! I would suggest considering a 30-gallon supply, which is a total upfront cost of about $240. Depending on your vehicles gas mileage, 30 gallons seems like a reasonable supply to have on hand for a moderate emergency, such as what is occurring in the state of Connecticut for example. Don’t forget the extra fuel you’ll need for a generator (if you have one).

The MSB legal department says, check your local fire codes for any restrictions on gasoline storage in your area. Call your local Fire Dept. – they’ll let you know.


One more thing, If storing gasoline for long term, say 6 months to a year before rotating it, then you should absolutely add ‘fuel stabilizer’, the most popular being a product called STA-BIL. It’s simple to add with the pre-measured ‘pour’ per gallon, and will keep your gas from going bad over that time. I have been using this for years and it has always worked as expected.


NBC Connecticut:
As Gov. Dannel Malloy took an aerial tour on Monday, he noticed backups, including a half-mile line outside a gasoline station in Wolcott. Attorney General George Jepsen put pricing controls in effect Monday to keep people from being gouged at the pump, according to Malloy.


Here is what some are saying regarding the gas line situation in CT:

“See, the slightest little thing to disrupt the norm and all hell breaks loose. What are these big cities going to do when something big happens?”

“I waited in line for close to 2 hours, running on fumes to find the station only had “Preimum Grade” available.”


This microcosm of a real-world-example would be just the very beginning shreds of untangling that would occur on the fabric of civility should a large scale worst-case-scenario disaster slam into our life. Example: A Carrington-event solar flare which knocks out power grids on a VERY large scale for a VERY long time. It would only take a few days for everything to devolve into massive chaos. Think about it. Your 30 gallon supply of fuel will be a drop in the bucket compared to what you will ultimately need…

But for now, lets start with 30 gallons.



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