How is La Nina Affecting Food Prices and What Do We Need to Do to Prepare for it?


Guest Post: by Kalen Smith

La Nina is a phenomenon where the surface temperature of the ocean drops significantly in parts of the Pacific. It has a major impact on the world’s weather and typically makes an appearance every few years.

This year’s La Nina has been particularly hard on people around the world. Some of the effects of La Nina have included:

• Droughts that have covered the entire state of Texas and many parts of the southern United States. These are the worst experienced in almost fifty years.

• The worst droughts that China and Europe have experienced in over a century.

• Record flooding in Brazil, Australia and many other countries around the world.

These events are having a major impact on our world. Wheat prices have increased over 70% in the past year, while corn prices have tripled. Many areas of the world are being affected by sudden shifts in weather patterns to the point of famine and food riots. The United States has not been immune to these events.

Here are some tips for getting through La Nina without losing everything to rising food prices:

1. Stock up on your basic staples. Food prices may be high now, but they can get a lot worse. Now is the time to start buying lots of dry foods and store them before prices get out of control. You can also try getting a larger freezer so that you can freeze many of the foods that you can store other essential foods as well.

2. Get used to eating rice. Rice is one of the few commodities that have actually dropped in price. This could actually be what has kept the world from experiencing a global famine in the past few months.

3. Become self-sufficient. This could become an essential strategy if things get really bad. You don’t want to be at the mercy of the nation’s food supply if prices get really out of control. Consider growing your own food or raising your own livestock so that you can isolate yourself from increases in food prices.

4. Always take advantage of sales and discounts on food. As expensive as food is, you should always be able to get deals. Check newsletters and coupons for coupons and any other discounts you can take advantage of. Many stores will offer regular discounts, so get accustomed to get accustomed to following their sales trends.

La Nina is expected to occur over the next couple of months. It may be over by the end of June, but the effects of it are likely to have an impact on us long after that. Many of the effects of La Nina, such as the droughts in Texas, are expected to last at least through the summer. The food supply is likely to be significantly smaller over the next year and food prices will probably impact us for some time to come.

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