Major Cold, Snow to Strike USA

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Forecasters are lining up in agreement that although it is Winter time, an exceptionally major and widespread disruptive period of cold and snow is about to descend upon nearly all of the U.S. beginning this weekend and extending into the foreseeable future.

The early part of the 2010-2011 winter in the U.S., until recently has had somewhat typical fluctuations of cold versus mild conditions varying from the East to the West while December has brought an increase in record cold in some regions.


The arctic blast due to descend from the North will capture the entire U.S. and may bring extraordinary cold and snow as far south as Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Current snow cover across the U.S. blankets approximately half the country. During the upcoming few weeks, the snow cover could potentially extend to most of the country.


Global temperatures tend to respond to the ocean temperatures. Six months after an El Nino (Pacific equatorial ocean temperatures above normal), temperatures elsewhere are warmer. Six months after a La Nina (Pacific equatorial ocean temperatures below normal), things start turning colder.

The present temperature of the Pacific ocean waters is in progress of a La Nina (a number of months in), and things are getting colder. There is a lag effect, and we are now evidently beginning to experience it. NOAA data currently predicts La Nina conditions through the summer of 2011.


Young children who have yet to experience a “snow day” off from school, may get their first chance in the coming week or two.

Time to fill the furnace oil tank, get another cord of wood ready, dig out the extra blankets, find the ice scraper,  store a shovel in the trunk, ready the sand – salt – grit, and brace yourself… it’s going to get cccold.


Current progress map of January snow depth


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