Here is a list of things you might do while preparing for a major winter snowstorm or blizzard…


Food Supply At Home And In Your Vehicle

Don’t be one of those in the crowd of panicked sheeple who are shoulder-to-shoulder in the grocery store the day before or hours before the snowstorm buying milk, bread, eggs, and beer… While most people have enough food in their home to last at least a few days, double-check your consumables in advance of others clearing out the grocery store shelves of milk and bread, etc.

Note: During a major snowstorm, the electricity may go out. To prolong the foods in your chest freezer (if you have one), cover it with blankets. It will probably be fine for 24 to 48 hours if you don’t open it (will stay frozen longer if it’s full).

You should ALWAYS have some food in your vehicle (as in, 72-hour emergency kit). At a minimum, keep a number of food bars (typically 200-calories each) in case you’re stranded or delayed in bad weather. In theory, 10 of these would be enough calories for a day’s survival for one person


If you know that you are nearing a prescription refill, it is better to think ahead and take care of that before a winter snowstorm restricts travel.

Flashlights and Batteries

The power may likely go out for awhile (or longer). Do you have enough flashlights? Do they work? Do you need more batteries? Do you have a flashlight in your vehicle?
The Fenix HP25 Headlamp And Why I Chose It
Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern
A ‘Best’ Flashlight?
(There are so, so many – just have one…)

Portable Radio

Again, the power might go out. Having a battery operated portable AM/FM/Shortwave radio is imperative for when the power goes out. It will become your source for information from the outside world.
3 Best Portable Emergency Radios

Weather Radio

A battery powered public alert weather radio is good all year round for all severe weather. During the winter you will be alerted to winter storm watches, warnings and forecasts.
Midland WR120C Weather Radio with ‘SAME’ technology

Portable Emergency Heater

Most home heating systems will not operate if the power goes out. It is VERY important to consider an alternative means of keeping warm in your home.

During the winter, the immediate concern will be heat. This particular heater will safely and effectively provide heat for a room. You will have bigger problems if the outdoor temperature remains consistently below freezing while at the same time the power outage lasts much longer than a day (pipes will begin to freeze and may rupture), but this heater will provide a first level of defense for a short term survival situation.
Mr. Heater Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater

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Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

If the power goes out, a good cold weather sleeping bag will keep you warmer than just in bed with blankets. Lots to pick from… Check temperature ratings…
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Best Warmest Blankets

Do you have warm blankets at home? It is also advisable to keep a good warm blanket in your vehicle during the winter.
The Warmest Survival Blanket – Wool Or Polar Fleece?

Portable Stove For Cooking

Without electricity, if you want to cook or percolate some coffee, a portable cook stove will get it done. I have several types of portable cook stoves including the following, which happens to run on butane. A nice little ‘solid’ stove to set on a counter without the pan tipping over.
GASONE Portable Gas Stove

Check Your Generator

Assuming that you already have a generator, check it, run it. Have enough gasoline? Has the gasoline been treated with STA-BIL or PRI-G?

Fill Your Gas Tank

Always keep your vehicle’s gas tank closer to FULL than EMPTY, especially during the winter. If you become stuck in the snow or entangled in a clogged traffic situation, a full tank will ensure that your vehicle’s heater keeps running! (as well as the vehicle itself)

Sub-Zero Windshield Washer Fluid

Top off your windshield washer fluid. If you’ve ever run out of it while driving in a snowstorm – you know how bad it can be… Get the kind of fluid that’s rated for below zero-degrees! Otherwise it will freeze and won’t spray on your windshield when you need it the most. Check the label.

Do Not Drive Without Proper Cold-Weather Clothing / Gear

Often times people will hop in their car to go somewhere (from one heated location to another) without fully gearing up. If you ever get into a jam, you will be happy to have proper winter gloves, boots, hat, jacket, etc…


Enjoy’ Mother Nature’

When all is said and done, sit back and enjoy the forces of nature while looking out your window ;)

I welcome your further thoughts and advice to share with others about specifically preparing for a winter snowstorm..

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