Something Astonishing Is Happening To The Sea-Ice In The Antarctica

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Image: British Antarctic Survey

It’s not melting this Spring. At all. An incredible amount of the Southern Hemisphere is covered with sea-ice right now, and the size of the sea-ice surrounding the Antarctica is spectacular…

The sea-ice abounds in the Southern Hemisphere according to data and satellite imagery from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

A new record was set at 19.57 million square kilometers of ice, around one million more than the usual amount.


Image Source: NSIDC

We can just see the outline of the landmass in the image above to appreciate just how much of the Southern Hemisphere is covered with sea-ice right now.

We live in a world (universe) where we are not the all powerful creatures that we often think that we are (although we are quite capable of extinguishing ourselves). In this case however, this massive amount of sea-ice overtaking an astonishing amount of the southern hemisphere is a reminder of how global geo-physical events can change, and sometimes rapidly.

Will this circumstance affect us? Who knows… But it does indicate that there’s something going on that is a bit incredible. Perhaps it’s due to the lackluster solar-cycle #24 that we’re currently in – a cooling trend?

Should we be cutting and splitting more firewood?

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