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Top 10 Best Weather Radios, 2011

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UPDATE: Weather Radio Reviews 2013

List of Top 10 best selling Weather Radios in 2011

The list of ‘best’ weather radios has been updated for 2011

and chosen based on data available through Amazon.com.  The order is sorted by popularity.

Especially during times of the year when severe storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes are likely, every susceptible household should own a hazard-alert weather radio. A weather radio could save your life. If you are asleep at night, it can be programmed to alert you and wake you up. Some radios even have programmable capabilities to alert you only under certain conditions that you choose. You may also wish to consider a portable weather radio – to be used if you’re out-and-about.

A ‘Weather Radio’, or a ‘NOAA weather radio’ are essentially the same thing. ‘NOAA’ stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a U.S. government organization that manages the National Weather Service and weather radio emergency broadcast network – which transmits public alerts, hazards, and warnings to weather radios.


While browsing for a weather radio, you will also encounter the acronym, ‘SAME’ or ‘S.A.M.E.’. It stands for Specific Area Message Encoding. A weather radio that uses S.A.M.E. technology will enable you to specifically choose to receive warnings for only the county where you live, groups of counties, or any other specific county. This could be desirable if you only want to receive alerts for just your own location.

There are a variety of models and brands, tabletop or portables to pick from out there. Have a look, and discover the range of styles and features that are available. Above all else, these radios are not expensive, and could one day save your life. Consider it insurance.


The following list contains weather radios that are available through Amazon.com and have been picked according to a few criteria…

Only radios were chosen that include S.A.M.E. technology.

The overall score (which led to the sort-order) for each radio was derived from multiplying the number of customer reviews times the ‘star’ rating for each. The logic being that the products where people took the time to input a review (coupled with a decent ‘star’ rating) indicates the overall popularity of a given radio.

Some radios are tabletop, others are portable. Some include AM/FM and some do not.


MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio, S.A.M.E, AM/FM


Midland WR100 Weather Radio
(UPDATE: Discontinued by manufacturer)
(UPDATE:Weather Radio Reviews)


First Alert WX-150 Weather Radio
(UPDATE: Discontinued by manufacturer)
(UPDATE:Weather Radio Reviews)


Sangean CL-100 Table Top Weather Radio, S.A.M.E, AM/FM


Oregon Scientific WR103
(UPDATE: Discontinued by manufacturer)
(UPDATE:Weather Radio Reviews)


Midland 74200 Weather Radio
(UPDATE: Discontinued by manufacturer)
(UPDATE:Weather Radio Reviews)


Reecom R-1650 Weather Radio, S.A.M.E, AM/FM


Midland HH54VP2 Weather Radio, S.A.M.E


Vector VEC438 Weather Radio, S.A.M.E, AM/FM


Alert Works EAR-10 Weather Radio, S.A.M.E


5 Best Weather Radios for 2012

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