United States Drought Map


Drought is related to, and/or is an interaction with a variety of factors and forces including those such as heat waves, storm-track variations, the Madden–Julian oscillation (MJO), El-Nino, solar variability, deep ocean circulation — any or all of which contribute to drought being part of our normal climate and history.

Here are several current drought maps and more information…

The use of tree ring methodology has revealed that the characterization of drought has been a normal part of climate throughout our history.

The impact of drought are many, and include the geographical-environmental, agricultural, social, and economic.

The risk of drought is greater in some places more than others, and if you already live in a drought-prone region – you probably already know it or have experienced it…

Drought is obviously a high concern for farmers, those growing their own food, those dependent upon reservoirs being replenished to supply municipal systems, the animals and eco-systems, just to name a few…

Here are several drought maps which illustrate and chart the progression of any current drought which we may be in, here in the United States.

When you’re viewing this page, you’re seeing the latest available data.


United States Drought Map

United States Drought Map
source: noaa.gov



United States Monthly Drought Outlook Map

United States Monthly Drought Outlook
source: noaa.gov



United States Seasonal Drought Outlook Map

United States Seasonal Drought Outlook
source: noaa.gov



United States Drought History

source: drought.unl.edu

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