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ModernSurvivalBlog.com was created in January, 2010.


Modern Survival Blog Mission Statement

Provide preparedness and risk awareness information to become ‘prepared for life’ in a world of uncertainty.

Modern Survival Blog Description

Survival blog topics of preparedness relating to current events, risk awareness, self reliant ideals and practical solutions to live a way of life surviving uncertain times.

Modern Survivalism is Preparedness For Life

It is a process that will prepare you for life – your life – to liberate you from “the system”; a system that in many ways is designed to hold you down and keep you “dependent”.

Modern survival or survivalism is really a way of life… more than just simply acquiring a supply of preps, food and supplies.

A key to surviving is the ability to recognize risk and to take preventative action. To adapt.

Having the situational awareness to recognize the multitude of risks that are around you may require changes to the way you’ve been brainwashed to input the world.

It is a process that will open your eyes to what is really going on around you. It enables you to think for yourself – to take charge of your life in a way in which you become more aware, independent, liberated, self-sufficient, and will minimize your dependencies on the current external systems that keep you alive today…

The contribution that you make to yourself – this process – will be directly proportional to your liberation; even to the extent of getting yourself ‘off the grid’ or ‘out of the matirx’, so to speak…

There are countless topics to be covered and Modern Survival Blog has been committed since JAN-2010 to provide you with a wide variety of information with a focus on risk awareness, common sensibility, preparedness and practical solutions, to help you achieve your own liberation.

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