ModernSurvivalBlog.com was created during January, 2010.


Modern Survival Blog Mission Statement

To provide information and ideas of preparedness in a modern world of uncertainty.

Modern Survival Blog Description

A blog focusing on a wide variety of preparedness topics including situational awareness and risks pertaining to current events, systemic dangers of a dependent people, the erosion of our freedoms and liberty, natural or man-made disaster, self reliant ideals, and practical solutions to live a way of life surviving modern uncertain times.

Modern Survival is Preparedness For Life

Preparedness is a process and can become a way of life – one in which you have more control over your own destiny. Being better prepared will help liberate you from “the system”; a system that in many ways is designed to hold you down and keep you “dependent”.

Modern Survival Blog has been committed since JAN-2010 with a wide variety of information to hopefully provide you with ideas for your own preparedness.

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