Is Ultra Tolerance Killing America?

Is Ultra Tolerance Killing America?

Today’s ultra tolerance has sheltered too many people from ‘real life’. When released from the cocoon, they tend to rage upon disagreement. Why is that?

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the Attack Cycle | This is how the Bad Guys do it

From choosing their prey, through the attack itself, the predator follows these steps in the attack cycle. If you break any one of them, they will likely move to an easier target.

Hazard Risks | Top 3 of Each State

The Top-5 Hazard Risks are floods, thunderstorms/lightning, snowstorms/cold, tornadoes, and hurricanes. There’s more… Check your state’s ranking here…

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We embrace emergency preparedness, having a plan for disaster, the right gear, skills,  a lifestyle of self reliance,  sustainable living, and common sense.

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