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Modern Survival Blog Mission Statement

To provide information and ideas for prepping & preparedness in a modern world of uncertainty.


About Ken Jorgustin

Ken Jorgustin, author of Modern Survival Blog has been writing a unique mixture of prepping & preparedness topics since early 2010. Ken retired from his professional career, moved to a rural location, and has focused on preparedness ever since.


Modern Survival Blog Description

The blog focuses on a wide variety of preparedness topics for wide ranging scenarios. It may simply be preparedness for life in today’s world, or that following a disaster or even SHTF collapse. Topics include many aspects of prepping and practical solutions for the problems that we may face in a world and way of life filled with systemic risks.


Modern Survival is Preparedness For Life

Preparedness is a process. You can take it as far as you’d like. It can be applied to daily life and it can even become a way of life. Being better prepared for the uncertainties that we face will help liberate you from “the system” which in many ways is designed to hold you down and keep you “dependent”. Break free. Become independent, more self-reliant and more self-sufficient. It is very rewarding.

Modern Survival Blog has been committed since JAN-2010 to produce a wide variety of information and opinion in order to present ideas and motivation for your own preparedness.

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