About Modern Survival Blog

Modern Survival Blog is about living a Practical Sensible Preparedness oriented Lifestyle – coupled with a spirit of Self Reliance, an extent of Sustainable Living – while in the pursuit of Knowledge, Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

I write near-daily articles of opinion, commentary, and information on a wide variety of topics that you might find interesting or helpful in within the realm of prepping and preparedness. 

What I can offer you most on this blog, I believe, is a perspective of common sense opinion and practical information when it comes to the variety of topics that I write about.

Modern Survival Blog Mission Statement

Preparedness Awareness.

To provide information, ideas, and opinion about the many related topics within the wide realm of prepping and preparedness.

Helping others become better prepared for the potential risks that we face in our modern world, especially while living in uncertain times.

Striving to live a more self-reliant, self-sufficient, and liberated lifestyle.

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New Hampshire, United States of America