You probably landed here from a internet-search (looking for an answer to a question you had) or maybe from a link at another site.

I’ll be quick (your time is valuable)!

Modern Survival Blog is about opinion and commentary on a wide variety of topics that you may enjoy if you stick around and bookmark us!

My name is Ken Jorgustin.

Question: “What topics do you cover?”

Answer: First, this is not one of those “end of the world” sites. Although I do write about a number of risks that could be in that category 😉

1. Common sense practical preparedness. There’s LOTS within that broad subject!

2. You’re probably interested in more than just preparedness for emergency or disaster (though it’s important, and we cover it here).

Short list of emphasis:

Self reliance
Self sufficiency

3. What about every day modern life? Modern survival? I get into that too…

Question: “What makes you worthy of writing on these subjects?”

Answer: I’m just a regular person. Semi-retired. Been though several careers. Have learned a lot about life.

Background in electronics, mechanical, technical. Though I have expertise in a number of areas, I consider myself to be a ‘Jack of all trades’.

What I can offer you most, I believe, is a perspective of common sense when it comes to the variety of subjects I write about.

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you’ll come back for more!

My contact information:
ModernSurvivalBlog (at) hush (dot) com