What’s Modern Survival Blog About?

I’ll be quick (your time is valuable)!

Modern Survival Blog is about Practical Sensible Preparedness. Couple that with the spirit of Self Reliance, an extent of Sustainable Living — all while pursuing Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

My pen name is Ken Jorgustin.

I write near-daily articles of opinion and commentary on a wide variety of topics that you may enjoy, especially if you are into preparedness. 

About me:

I have worked my way through several rewarding careers. I have learned a lot about life, and people. I live with my dear wife and our mini-Dachshund, ‘Sampson’.

I have a professional background in electronic-mechanical technical engineering and service, as well as product management.

A few recent personal projects include having designed, built and installed a solar off-grid system at my present home location. I’ve also recently finished building a garage/shop outbuilding (my back still hurts!). Given the many hands-on skills that I’ve learned throughout the years, I consider myself at this point in life to be a sort of ‘Jack of all trades’ to one extent or another.

My politics? I am neither a Democrat or a Republican, Liberal or Conservative. I don’t affiliate with any particular political ‘tribe’. That said, I lean towards Libertarian.

My personal interests are many. Too many to list 😀

What I can offer you most, I believe, is a perspective of common sense opinion when it comes to the variety of subjects that I write about.

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you’ll come back for more!

My contact information: