Cold Weather Extension Cord That Stays Flexible & Won’t Crack

Extreme all-weather outdoor extension cord

Much of the U.S. gets very cold during the winter… to the extent that using a regular extension cord outside can become quite a problem. A purpose-designed cold weather extension cord will solve this problem!

What is a cold weather extension cord?

Put simply, its design and construction has been optimized for cold. Extreme temperatures (including hot).

A normal outdoor extension cord works well enough during the off-winter months. But it will probably freeze stiff during the winter.

When the temperature gets colder and approaches freezing, a standard cord will get stiffer and stiffer as the flexibility properties become, well, less flexible!

This results in some potential dangers. Not only is it a pain to work with a less-than-flexible extension cord (good luck coiling it back up), the cord might crack. When cords crack, they’re unsafe because wires become exposed.

What’s the big difference between regular and cold weather extension cords?

A winter extension cord has an outer jacket that has been optimized to remain flexible, it won’t get stiff or crack, will remain durable and kink free.

Outer Jacket Constructed of 100% TPE (thermo-plastic elastomer)

TPEs are a physical mix of plastic and rubber. They consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties (temperature and flexibility).

Best EXTREME Cold Weather Extension Cord

I researched this because I do use outdoor extension cords during winter. I needed a cold weather extension cord! Or two! I was tired of dealing with stiff unmanageable cords. So I found what I believe one of the best on the market right now. And best of all (((GASP))) it’s Made in the USA!

EXTREME All-Weather Cords with Lighted Plug by US Wire & Cable

Family owned and operated in America, for more than 30 years.

The cords remain flexible down to -94°F!

I like the bundle of two 25-footers because it gives you the flexibility (pun intended) of using them for 25 or 50 foot lengths.

>> US Wire and Cable 12/3 (bundle)
(view on amzn)

>> US Wire and Cable 12/3 (50-footer)

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  1. I followed your Amazon link for the extension cord (put it on my wish list) and noticed it can also be used for extreme heat. Wow!

    1. Pretty much a necessity around here right now. -48F when I got up this morning. Heard the forecasters calling for -70F in the northern part of the territory, don’t know if it got down that far. Brr!

  2. Working retail many years ago I found a case, end of winter sale.
    Something like 15 years later I’m still using them.
    The same striped color with lighted ends. My favorite power cords.

    Unfortunately my dog chewed one into three pieces and my pet sheep Clyde nibbled on another.
    I know one was stolen.
    Started with 8, down to 4 now.
    They do get a little stiff at -15 though still flexible.
    I think back then they were called comercial elecrtic, a homedepo store brand.
    Mine are/were all 50′ 14/3 the amason ad is for 25′ 12/3 slightly better.
    I paid about $60 for 8 (on sale) back about 2006 there’s some price change.

  3. Again, at my state job(118 miles from home) I would stay in my camper at work. I use to run an electric heater at night for my dog while I worked. Normal cords would freeze and crack. For the last couple years I invested in a cord that stayed flexible to -59. I would just plug into external outlet and run to truck, it even handled vehicle traffic running over it.