A Fireback improve fireplace efficiency. Fireplaces are not very heat efficient compared to other sources of home heating. Who can resist though a nice fire in the fireplace! Unfortunately lots of heat is wasted as it goes right up the chimney.

One way to improve the heat emanating from a fireplace is is to add a Fireback.

They are used to reflect heat back into the home that would otherwise be lost up the chimney, while also keeping the rear wall of the fireplace significantly cooler.

A Fireback is a metal plate that stands at the rear of the fireplace. Typically they are made of either solid cast-iron or stainless steel. They are designed to radiate more of the fire’s heat back into the room, making the fireplace much more efficient at heating.

They are designed to rest on the floor of the hearth. Supports are either built in or are sold separately and optionally.

Not only can they be decorative but they will increase the life of the firebox. A Fireback will help prevent further damage to an aging fireplace.

So, as we transition into the winter months, you might consider adding one if you have have a traditional fireplace.

This (Made in USA) reflective Fireback is an extremely durable heat reflector made from industrial grade shatterproof steel plate. Highly rated and reviewed.
Model RF-6 Reflective, 26″ Wide, 15 1/2″ Tall

Another model:
Minuteman Cast Iron, 20″ Wide, 16″ Tall

I used to live in a home with a fireplace. During that time I did buy a Fireback. It definitely made a difference!

An even better way to greatly improve your fireplace heat efficiency is to buy a wood burning stove insert that fits into your existing fireplace. I would seriously consider doing this if I still lived in a home with a fireplace.

Do any of you have a Fireback? What’s your experience?

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