Firewood For Heating – List of the Most Popular Wood for Burning

Firewood for heating

Awhile ago we conducted a reader poll asking what wood people burned in their stove for winter heating.

There’s quite a variety of wood species across the nation and chances are that you’re burning firewood that’s native to your region.

Some time ago I did some research on various firewood to discover their BTU value (BTU’s per cord). The list was fairly inclusive but not all inclusive. Here’s that list for your information:

Best Wood For Heating

I’ve taken additional firewood varieties from the comments of that article to make a longer list. So I thought it would be fun to put out a poll to discover what firewood that people are using for heating in their wood stoves.


Firewood Species For Wood Stove

POLL Results:

1. Oak
2. Maple
3. Hickory
4. Ash
5. Walnut
6. Cherry
7. Pine
8. Elm
9. Locust
10. Poplar
11. Douglas-fir
12. Birch
13. Cedar
14. Beech
15. Cottonwood
16. Aspen
17. Osage Orange
18. Spruce
19. Apple
20. Juniper

Most popular wood for heating


Heating Fuel Used In Your Home

Here’s another poll: Let us know which types of heating systems (fuel sources) are in your home. You can answer more than one.

POLL Results:
(prepper demographic)

1. Wood stove
2. Natural gas
3. Electric
4. Propane
5. Oil
6. Pellet stove

Most popular heating fuel