Emergency Contact Card

I keep an emergency contact card in my wallet. It’s something that I’ve been doing for a number of years.

Here’s why it’s important:

Getting Into A Serious Accident

If you ever get into a serious accident whereby you are unable to effectively communicate with first responders or anyone else, an emergency contact card in your wallet will provide important contact information.

If you are unconscious or unable to communicate, at some point emergency or hospital personnel will want to contact someone about your condition. You will likely have your own drivers license or other ID in your wallet, and eventually some sleuthing on their part will lead to someone to call. However it will be quicker if you can provide that information by way of an emergency contact card.

On my own emergency contact card I list the name and phone number of my wife, a relative, and a nearby neighbor who I trust. I also list the fact that there is a dog at home (and his name) in the event that someone needs to care for him.

List Additional Information

– You might choose to list additional pertinent information on the emergency contact card.

– Maybe you have children at school. List their names and their school.

– Any children in daycare? List it.

– Perhaps you have a unique health issue that they should be aware of.

– You might also list your blood type.

No one wants to think about being in a serious incapacitating accident. But it does happen.


Make your own emergency contact card

I simply type the information using Notepad on my PC and print it out on regular printer paper. I then save the .txt file so that I can easily update later if I need to.

You could also simply write this information on a piece of paper.

I adjust the text font size so that I can cut the paper the same as a credit card to fit in my wallet’s credit card sleeve. You might even use one of those index cards which are stiffer and will hold up better in your wallet.

Tip: Use a credit card to trace out it’s dimension onto the piece of paper and then cut the paper to size with scissors. I also use shipping tape placed over both sides of the finalized emergency contact card and then trim the edges with scissors. This enables more durability and waterproofing.

Best Place In Wallet For Emergency Contact Card

Perhaps the best place in your wallet for this contact card is right behind your drivers license. It depends on how your wallet is designed. But if the drivers license is in one of those credit card sleeves then when it gets pulled out the contact card will also come out with it.

However if the drivers license is behind a plastic “see through” sleeve then it might not get pulled out. In that case you’ll want to keep it in a sleeve right next to it.

Tip: On the very top of the emergency contact card, print or write “Emergency Contact Card”. This way it will be visible as the top of the card is exposed in the wallet sleeves.

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