China: Cutting Edge EMP Weapons


China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are developing state of the art cutting-edge EMP weapons (electromagnetic pulse) to ensure supremacy in that area, reported by ‘Focus Taiwan News Channel’.

The China Times also reveals that China’s Ministry of National Defense is developing non-nuclear high-power EMP weapons (2011 defense report), and anonymous MND sources are saying that the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST) has been working on EMP technology for some considerable time.

Military experts said electromagnetic pulse weapon techniques have matured to the point where ‘practical’ EMP bombs have become technically feasible. The development of conventional EMP devices enables their use in non-nuclear confrontations and may be considered weapons that do not cross the threshold of nuclear response by an adversary.

An electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP), or E-bomb, is designed to send a burst of invisible electromagnetic energy of sufficient power to destroy electronics and electronic devices within a given radius or region, rendering anything ‘technological’ within that radius, as useless, and permanently damaged.

A nuclear explosion will send out an EMP pulse, and if exploded high enough in altitude, will destroy electronics over great distances within ‘line-of-sight’ of the detonation – potentially many hundreds of miles or more, with the maximum effect occurring close to the explosion and diminishing as the distance increases from ground zero.

What is currently being reported in China and Taiwan, is that new EMP weapons are being (or have been) developed to cause the same effects, but they are apparently non-nuclear weapons – weapons that are presumed to be more ‘conventional’ and therefore not to be a weapon that will return mutually-assured-destruction (MAD) from the adversary.

One of the greatest risks to our modern way of life, and the sustenance of life as we know it, depends upon our electricity and electronic infrastructure. Without it, we may as well be living in the 1800’s or earlier. As more weapons are developed that could easily destroy the infrastructure that developed countries depend upon, the higher the risk that these weapons will be used one day.

Being a preparedness-minded website, this type of news further emphasizes the increasing risks that we face each day as a modern society, with enemies who wish to do ‘us’ harm. It is advisable NOT to fully depend upon the infrastructure that we currently enjoy.

Do your own due-diligence and establish at least a minimal line of defense and preparedness plan – just in case. Simply imagine how you would survive without electricity for 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 2 years. Each, an order of magnitude (or more) of preparation…

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  1. An EMP attack on the U.S. would surely result in a nuclear response. How could it not?

  2. How can we respond if none of our electronics work because China just fried them?

    1. The suspicion is that China is building smaller non-nuclear EMP weapons that could be used in a confrontation involving Taiwan (or whomever), and while the EMP weapon being ‘small’ enough – or not affecting a huge area, the assumption is that the other country would not respond with nuclear weapons.

      Having said that, I highly doubt that any country would actually launch a nuclear EMP attack against the US, for example, because I would assume that it would surely mean a nuclear response and mutual devastation. Although I don’t know with certainty, I suspect that US nukes in their missile silos are EMP-proof.

  3. This is another reason why the Chinese government should not be allowed to be buying up USA farmland and USA ranchlands. They could easily set one of these emp bombs off next to a major USA city or powerplant or factory.
    Only American citizens should be allowed to purchase American land!! Not the Chinese government and the Saudi Arabia government.

    1. Introducing weapons of mass destruction (read nuclear)onto a foreign soil by a foreign agent is a breach of the Forth Protocol of Nuclear weapons agreement.

      This is likely to provoke a massive nuclear response.

      There is a reason why your computers should have an earthed metal case.

  4. Japan owns farmland in California on which they grow fruit. The fruit is exported to Japan as the owner of the fruit. They pay no taxes other then land taxes which are fairly low on farmland. If they bought the fruit from an American owned farm the value of the fruit would be income (minus expenses of course) with taxes due to the state and federal government. Talk about a tax loophole.

  5. @ Ken, There are also the subs that are all around the globe. Their movement stealth, to act as a deterrent for just such an action. Protocols in place for the loss of communication with the P.T.B. Survive-All…

  6. May I suggest keeping a small analogue (non-digital) radio in a biscuit tin or other metal container. Leave batteries out and store elsewhere. If the radio can tune to the amateur bands that is a bonus. (must be SSB capable) I suspect the amateur radio geeks will be the first source of communication and information in the event of a nuclear confrontation.

  7. Lets make the world safe by getting rid all these weapons of mass destruction and produce them no more. The trillions of dollars saved can be used to feed the hungry, help the poor and raise standard of living for everyone.Nations who really believe in human rights must comply. lets make this world a safer and better place for us all.

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