How-to Know That An EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Is Coming

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what an EMP is. An electromagnetic pulse. A purpose-designed by-product of a nuclear weapon detonation at altitude. We have them. China has them. Russia has them. North Korea has them (proxy for China). The question is, how would you know if an EMP is coming? Could you know?

In my opinion, yes, you could know that an EMP may be eminent, or likely, or potentially likely. Here’s how to know, and, what you might do if you suspect…

Building Very Bad Tensions Between Nations

I am simply applying logic here. Before the EMP, there will likely come a build up period of increasing tensions between nations which posses these weapons. I’m not talking about ‘ordinary’ saber rattling. Rather, out of the ordinary and very serious tensions.

Current Political Events & Living In Crazy Times

I’m posting this today because we are living in crazy times. The article topic entered my mind, triggered by an insane statement just the other day put out by a U.S. senator. Appearing on Fox News, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) floats the idea of bombing Russian military assets — and says he wouldn’t even rule out a (preemptive) nuclear strike (regarding Ukraine/Russia). That’s totally insane in my view. What a stupid thing to say. A Senator actually suggesting we might preemptively nuke Russia. Now that’s not ‘ordinary’ saber rattling.

We’ve got the never-ending mainstream hate Russia syndrome. We’ve got China – Taiwan – Hong Kong – the South China sea tensions. And at this time we’ve got a very, very weak and dementia’d so called leadership run by globalists hell-bent on destroying our unique freedom and liberty as a nation that we fought for nearly 250 years ago.

Recognize The Extent

Although I could go on and on about our current mess, I hesitate to get further into the politics of today’s situation(s), because that’s not my purpose here. Rather, I’m suggesting a ‘how-to’.

What I’m suggesting is that you recognize when the politics and tensions between these nations are increasing to an extent that appears very serious.

That involves recognizing the mainstream messaging that’s being put out (you know it’s highly controlled propaganda for the masses, right?), coupled with the knowledge of what’s really going on. The big or bigger picture. Putting two and two together, so to speak. It involves a skeptical and critical-thinking mind to recognize it. The due-diligence to discover reality.

Are we there yet? The tensions to an extent that’s potentially very dangerous? Growing public support for confrontation? Accelerating crisis upon multiple fronts? The instilled fears? The divisions?

Sure, we could be. It is exceedingly clear as to the present objectives of those running the world. Those objectives are not good for us at all, if they achieve them. And they are trying, very hard. Quite out in the open. Additionally, I do believe they are getting desperate right now (for a number of reasons beyond the scope here). And that is a significant additional level of dangerous. You must recognize that these people truly are monsters.

Sure, lets launch a tactical nuke at Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. That’ll stop em… What could possibly go wrong? For all we know, the global controllers would love it if we did that – to help with our own destruction and the ushering in of the next world order (with us not in it) they’ve been so badly trying to achieve.

What To Do

Problem, Solution. What’s the solution? What to do? Well, there’s nothing you can do about the triggering problems themselves, some of which I’ve hinted at above. However, you can do what you can do to protect yourself.

Prepping and Preparedness for EMP is potentially and quite likely ‘Prepping Level 4’ (Self-sustainability to the extent possible). It also could be life-ending for many or most of us if it spiraled out of control. Don’t forget all of the nuclear reactors…

Okay, I’m not writing this to explain all of the many things to do while prepping for a worst-case outcome here. There are tons of articles in this blog covering a wide variety of prepping.

I’ll just say this. If the EMP happens, we will be at War. So, that’s what you prepare for. Under that circumstance, whether we survive the next hours will be out of our hands. Just treat it as such. Know that an EMP will likely fry many, most, or all of your electronic devices. Got an electronic keypad on your gun safe? Maybe you leave it open during the period of high tension… Oh, and the power grid will probably go down.

Ever read the following novel?

I haven’t read it in years. Maybe it’s time to dust off my copy and read it again…

One Second After by William R. Forstchen
(paperback on amzn)

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  1. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s not happened yet.
    Do I wish or hope it wound happen? HELL NO!!!!!
    There is a LOT of information out there that would foretell the results of an EMP Strike, quite a bit from the Gubberment, and admittedly a lot of fantasy (with good ideas and info) research it.
    Then come back here and start digging into Ken’s information of what to do in an effort to safeguard or at least ‘try’ to safeguard yourself/Family for what/if some idiot actually hits the button.
    The Clock is ticking away my friends.

  2. I thought it would be unique to discuss the possible ‘signs’ or indicators that an EMP event may be on the table… Of course we would never know for sure, unless a part of high level command. However, given the psychopathic nature of some of these monsters who are playing global chess, might there be a tell?

    Certainly, high nation-state tensions are potential for nothing good. And idiotic threats from one to the other may seem idiotic to us, but, some of these people are, well, not like us…

    1. An EMP strike from any country on the US would be seen as a First Strike by the US and be retaliated upon. Loss of electronics isnt going to be followed up by sitting on the front porch sipping iced tea with the neighbor wondering when the power will come back on. It will be followed up with a bad sun-tan in secondary and tertiary hard target strikes. Probably simultaneously or within 30 minutes of the EMP itself.

      You are not going to place a warhead at the optimal level to produce an EMP above middle America without the early warning satellites knowing and a (more than likely) nuclear response being initiated.

      The goal of China and Russia isn’t to inconvenience and then invade the US.
      An EMP followed by an invasion is almost impossible knowing that 300 million pissed off armed Americans will be awaiting the invading nation. The goal of Russia and China would be to eliminate the US and any retaliatory capability. An EMP would absolutely not accomplish that. It would only cause the desired temporary communications disruption that they hope would delay a response until our retaliatory means were eliminated. Which would still be impossible with the SLBM’s out there that would respond later on.

      The scenarios that people lay out seemingly ALL the time NEVER account for a US counterstrike, and are completely dependent on conspiracy theories that some underground secret society runs the world. And out of the nearly 8 billion people alive, they are worried about one Country and its 3.75% of the world population.

  3. Make sure any gun safe also has a manual lock of some kind.

    Also, if you were away from home, could you get back in without breaking a window? Electronic locks and garage door openers won’t work with the power out.

    1. My spare key is a crowbar. Even my Liberty Safe, that advertises its electronic locks are protected against EMP can be defeated with crowbar and time.

  4. Perhaps keeping tabs on the families of those in power or government. If “women and children” don’t show up for school etc., that is a sure sign that they are going to safe places. Remember they will protect their families first. They will also know before hand when it is time.
    Stay frosty.

  5. I agree along with Skeezix thinking.

    Keep an eye on what Congress is doing, are they keeping t there “Normal” schedule or was there a sudden “Recess” called for them to GOOD?

    How about the military? Was there a “recall” of active military back to some of the Basses?

    TPTB are NOT going to get caught with their pants down, the WILL know whats going on, you think Soro’s , Gate’s and the likes don’t have their finger on the pulse of whats going on?

    How about the Supply Chain and Food, do you see a LOT of food starting to be “Confiscated” (more) by TPTB, are they filling their Bunkers to the max?

    Is Congress and the Pres telling us “Everything is going well” all is good, “Move along, nothing to see here”.

    AND of course my favorite. “We’re from the Gubberment, We’re here to help”. FYI, you hear that, you had better turn tail and runnnnnnnnn like a Stripped Azz Monkey.

  6. So in your view, one potential ‘tell’ or sign (or motive) would be to stop the 2022 election. That’s logical. That said, at a minimum, they’re going for max-fear / lockdown so as to enable more mail-in ballots. We’ll see if the American people let lockdown happen again. Not so sure. But I digress off-topic a bit…

  7. I agree with Skeezix and NRP that watching for signs of rats fleeing the ship would be the strongest indicator. Hopefully, we’d be able to see reports of that.

    I remember reading in some obscure news sources last year that food stockpiles were being created, by various states and government entities. The global cabal people/political minions are most likely ready to go, as far as supplies and hidey holes. To me, that means we may not get much warning.

    Some big picture things I’ve noticed:
    Lots of high level c-suite types are selling massive amounts of stock
    Many C-suite level corporate types are resigning
    There’s an exercise held (now or this month, can’t remember) in Israel to game plan responding to a cyber attack on the financial system
    The recent tests of the hypersonic missile, which could deliver an EMP attack
    The stupid nuke rhetoric of a congress critter – almost like he’s setting *us* up for a pre-emptive attack
    The increasing pushback against the globalist tyranny, to a boiling point
    The increasing injuries/deaths of children as the mass injection campaign is pushed

    The people behind the global reset agenda have done/are doing horrible things, and they know they can’t back out on pain of death. As our resistance grows, they have to ramp up the tyranny or create a catastrophic distraction. An EMP would minimize damage to valuable land and resources, while getting rid of a lot of useless eaters. Timely article, Ken!

    1. I agree… watching for signs of the powers-that-be / rich rats fleeing the ship. What they say is one thing, but what they do ‘may’ be another. I also agree with all of your ‘big picture’ observations. One hell of a mess we’re all in, which may be a perfect excuse for some bad $hit. These are monsters.

      1. Ken J.,
        Russia, China and the US have nuke/ EMP satellites in geosynchronous orbits overhead meaning that they are stationary overhead over specific targets or regions, now in space just waiting for the enter button to be pushed. never doubt it.
        it will be a battle of attrition. whoever kills the most, wins.
        1800’s here we come.
        on a positive side it will put a stop to the MSN, covid and the misinformation that’s being pounded on us everyday. and possibly a return to sanity and values. it will take months for the thieves, and those who expect something for nothing to thin themselves out. good riddance.
        it will be a long and hard row to hoe for most. i’m not looking forward to it. and many in critical care will die unfortunately. i hope i don’t live long enough to see it.

    2. Farmgirl,
      look at Kamala Harris staff leaving in droves. do they know something we don’t?
      and it just may be that they can’t tolerate her ignorance anymore her. but it’s worth keeping an eye on.
      many career politicians are retiring this year, and it’s not just the old ones. Hmmmm

  8. That’s an interesting bit of logic. Makes sense in that way. A general takeaway from that might be simply when you hear about a massive blackout (though it hasn’t affected ‘you’ yet), it may prickle those Spidey senses.

  9. Write your Senator and Congressman stating your opinion. Write even if they are not the elected representive of your choice. By not getting involved, by not letting them know how you feel, by not voicing your opinion and sitting around complaining and doing nothing, well you get the government you deserve. Being silent is the worst thing you can do.

    1. The old thinking is counter force and counter value.

      Counter force is destroying the military, it’s bases, equipment and production centers.
      Counter value is population centers (people) and our manufacturing base and possibly reactor sites.

      I agree they likely want land, factories and equipment intact so effecting up to 100 nuclear reactors in a bad way like emp is a serious detriment.

      One Fukushima on our far left coast would have poisoned over 15 states to the point living there would be cancerous and early death for all who tried and further contaminated *everything* east of it to some degree.
      Then the safest places would be most of Washington state, alaska, southern cali, hawaii.

      1. Horse I looked up the area Fukushima contaminated and found this:

        In 2011, an earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to melt down. After radioactive material was released into the air, over 100,000 people were evacuated from an area roughly the size of Los Angeles. The area was then divided into three zones – one where people were permitted to return to, one where some areas were deemed safe to live, and one deemed uninhabitable due to the high levels of radiation. Almost ten years later, the wildlife in the area is thriving. Yes, even in the restricted areas.

        Area of Los Angeles is 502 square miles, area of the USA including Hawaii and Alaska is some 3.8 Millon Square Miles or a “Fukushima” on our far-left coast would contaminate about 1% or less.

        The Tsunami that caused the meltdown of Fukushima is a pretty fair example of a full on EMP crash of nuclear reactors IMHO, as the emergency backup power generators were wiped out.

        Nuclear power plant melt downs are bad but not quite wipe out several states each bad. 10–15 mile radii around them would be bad for decades and more as radioactive decay works out. We are EATING seafood contaminated by Fukushima unless you don’t eat seafood. Some of the byproducts of the seafood industry goes into Dog, Cat and Even Human food as feed stock for animals we eat and drink milk-eat cheese-butter and so on.

        Contamination is a relative thing. Coal Fired plants release measurable amounts of radioactivity from their burned coal. I own an old-style military compass that would be thought of as contamination at what folks think of it today.

        1. NH Michael,
          “Coal Fired plants release measurable amounts of radioactivity from their burned coal.”?
          please state your source as i would be interested in checking that out myself. it would be good to know.

        2. NYScout,
          Coal in many locals does carry a wee bit of Uranium, as do other deposits. Coal fired plants do put out a bit of radioactivity. search for “radioactivity in coal and fly ash” on the web to find a USGS paper on it. Natural radioactivity is all around us, especially if you live in the western USA. (i live on the edge of the Colorado Plateau, where the uranium for the first nuclear weapons was originally mined. Our soil puts out Radon gas as a result, so we have to vent our crawlspaces).

        3. Most of the radiation blew out to sea, or east of them, that was *one* nuclear reactor site with two functioning reactors, they lost one of them.
          WE have about 100 of those.
          If it had gone NW, directly over largely populated area’s that situation would have been far worse.
          Here in the US any reactor near the left coast will blow all over the USA, look at prevailing wind patterns.
          Remember we have just about 100 functioning nuclear reactors here in the USA.
          Really, one, two.. ten it will be largely a dead nation here as there are few set up with manual scram shutdown emergency procedures, what I know of are electronic systems.
          I have no clue how many of our reactors were retrofitted to function (water pumping for the physical cooling system to run off residual heat and steam) after a total power failure.
          What if it’s nuclear ground burst detonations? what if they target our nuclear waste sites?

          Much of what I wrote was personal speculation, it will still be massive and deadly.
          Their radiation problem is ongoing and it will continue for decades.
          Feel free to believe whatever you want like those people that have been downplaying that situation for years pretending it’s not as bad as it looks.
          The main exclusion zone will be dangerous for generations.

          I have more I want to add but this is already too long.

  10. Good morning, folks…Life is good on the mountain….

    I’ve purposely have been quiet for a while…refraining from commenting but keeping up with what other folks have to say. This EMP talk struck a nerve….

    I read an article recently…supposedly from a guy who was privy to classified info…saying that fear is mounting that (known fact) China has been doing groundwork disguising missile batteries…with crews…on regular container cargo ships…and, in fact, may already have some deployed…hiding among those ships anchored off ports around the U.S. ….

    Supposedly…the thought is that they are intended to shut down/destroy our ports should war break out…but, such a platform would serve well as a launch location for a high altitude, Mid-America nuke detonation….

    Am I worried? Probably should be…but…if it happens…ain’t no one coming to help me…especially the government…Me and mine will handle what comes next as best we can…that’s pretty much my attitude when I wake up each morning to face the day….if we can’t handle it, it just won’t get handled….

    As for warning signs…I doubt there will be any warning….those that could give warning won’t….can’t afford everybody hitting the exits at once…….

    1. And Dennis opines, there will be no warning whatsoever. I agree that could also be the case. If it happens, it just ‘happens’.

      Can we predict what the totalitarian chess masters will do next? Maybe partly. They have made it very clear with some of their plans, as some of it has been announced to the world and is right there on their foundation websites clear as day. However, there are a number of ways to get there.

      These monsters likely have zero qualms about killing millions to obtain their global totalitarianism. It has happened before. They’ve just never attained it to a global extent. So, we watch for the signs. Will they allow an EMP into their chess game? Could it serve to aid in their various goals? Sure it could.

      1. Ken,

        I decided to do some shooting after my post…just got back in the house…

        Wasn’t trying to shut down the conversation by saying there would be no warnings…just conveying a mindset…

        I imagine a lot of folks are like myself…every time the grid goes down, especially when there is no weather event in progress, my first thought is…. “is this it?”

        Reading “One Second After” does that to folks…I no longer have my copy…gave it to my closest neighbor with his promise to share it with other neighbors…his family is stocked up and ready now…as are others he shared the book, and his thoughts, with….and he has thanked me for it…

  11. Signs. I think there may be signs like you point out in this article but for sure there will be obvious signs in hind sight. If anyone remembers because you won’t be able look them up on the internet afterwards.

    One thing I don’t believe was mentioned is the timing of such a strike. Now with poor harvests and winter coming on if the saber rattling starts it would add a new level to things if your aim is to cause the most death and destruction. The obvious second step to an emp would be a nuclear strike (limited or other wise). Time to review those specific preps/plans.

    1. Deep South,

      I think timing may be related to how long they can hide the financial damage they’ve caused, and how much loot is left for them to suck out of the system. Insiders selling stocks like crazy is not a good sign. Nor is the implosion of Evergrand in China. If they pass this big BBB bill, and I believe they will in some form, it’s a big loot of the treasury. So much money from these deals goes directly to family/friends/allies and also kickbacks. Don’t forget 10% for the big guy! They’re using cash to buy hard assets, knowing they’re to the point of hyperinflating the currency. That can’t go on much longer. How long? Wish I knew, but it sure feels immanent.

      1. Farmgirl,

        For sure getting all they can get out of us to start with would be part of a plan. I just think that other things will come into play if/when they pull the trigger. My mind tends to think food and water when it comes to serious disasters. I know there are other considerations also.

        A nuclear disaster (war) is just one serious case of game over for most folks.

    2. dennis, i don’t see and i may be wrong, that putin (puddykin, being funny) would withdraw his army and go home. to me he has put all those soldiers there, and to just pull back after all that would really make him look bad. all that money wasted on getting military equipement there then just pull back, he has gone this far so why stop?

  12. that’s the thing, we won’t know when its coming.
    it will just happen. like pearl harbor.
    be ready as best you can, and good luck.

    1. one thing i am going to say is i agree on being ready is be ready. but one thing and everyone has seen it last year, with this little pandemic, the hospitals were not ready for even a pandemic. throw in war and, well good luck with that, everyone will have to fend for themselves.

  13. I think the internet and phones going down would be an early warning ⚠️ sign

    1. Certainly a warning that it has already happened! The EMP will be silent.

  14. One Second After by William R. Forstchen

    I really liked that book, have the physical copy and the audiobook but read it and herd it too many times over the last 10 years so not so much fun anymore.
    There are actually three books:
    one second after
    one year after
    the final day.

    Was all worried about emp in the early 2000’s when I first learned about it.
    Now.. I think it’s debatable if it’s actually necessary to get people back in reality.

    I’d miss my electronics but better off without them plus watching the addicted go crazy without the fix could be interesting and dangerous.
    With the gotta have it yesterday mentality.

  15. Just finished re-reading the One Second After series and just started 48hrs. I was surprised at how much I missed in the series on the first read. If you haven’t read it in a while I agree it’s worth a re-read.

  16. In the event it did happen over one or more areas in the US, would our cars just come to a halt? What about planes?
    Would it not be a terrible situation with accidents? That is concerning…
    Also this is a good reminder to wear shoes that you can walk in and also have season appropriate coats/gear in case one has to walk/hike/bike home.
    Also a reminder to talk to members of family/household to have a plan.
    Wondering if it did happen would another area of the county be warned via gov emergency text if part of the grid is still up.

    I do believe a war is coming to our nation, I’ve seen a vision about a part of the coming war- particularly one destroyed major city-and during it felt waves of shock and grief. Actually in the vision our phones were still working-everyone was calling their loved ones- so I do not think it will be a nation wide EMP initially, hopefully never.
    Finally watch the animals….they can sense things often way before humans. Take note.
    Prayers for wisdom and clarity for all…

    1. Birdee,
      Most likely all cars made after 2008 would still run. Commercial and military aircraft would too. They all have shielded cables in their construction. The engines, if running might stop, but should start up again. Another factor is how close to the EMP source they were. The big issue would be parts of the power grid and communications going down. My belief is that if a major nation struck us with an EMP weapon, it would be in limited fashion. Sort of a warning..”look what we have the capability to do!” Then try and force us under their control. Your vision sounds chilling. I agree with you about watching the animals, many have more sense than humans!

    2. cars/trucks would not just stop, some might stop running.
      Your breaks will still function fine for a short time with every vehicle that has power breaks.
      Steering being a power option will just be a little difficult at low speeds but workable.

      Any accidents would be idiots freaking out over a vehicle that might stop running while in motion.

      Coast as far as you can, move over off the road to the edge when your nearing running speed.

      Planes, if you live near an airport it’s something to possibly worry about.
      Your not on a plane, don’t worry : )

  17. if an EMP were to happen there will be no warning. it will happen in nanoseconds like flipping a light switch.
    poof. and it’s all gone.
    the mechanic’s, ways and means for this to happen are already in place just waiting. like a Damocles sword over our heads.
    this is what i prep for. my truck may not make it but my tractor will.

  18. Historically when governments are in untenable situations they cause war.
    It brings the populous together
    Gets the economy going
    Gives everyone something specific to hate.

    Kinda like the failing binen gov.. but you know this.

    1. Horse, very true. War is good for economic recovery. Seems like those at the top always profit anyway. And it does unite us to ‘hate’ the enemy. But today? Does anyone really believe our government or their lies anymore? Sure, I know, some do. Gads, I am just choking on the filth and lies of our government these days. The guilty go free, the innocent are punished…’s enough to make ya crawl into a hole for a bit.

      Well…… I have been spending these past few weeks (months really) trying to live a better life with more gratitude, and continue on each and every day doing what we do.

  19. Reminds me to back up my back up and replace in the metal box while hoping that works.

  20. Deep South, Food and water, absolutely. When it comes to the markets, I don’t have a dog in that fight. My focus is tangibles that support life and livelihood for me and my family.

    I’m just thinking the timing of whatever shoe will drop next may be linked to financial markets crashing, because of the looting the globalists have been doing behind the scenes that they want to stay hidden. And it could certainly be more than one shoe dropping…

    1. Farmgirl,

      No argument here. Many things seem to be in play and the financial markets are already looking to be de-stabilizing some what. I hope I have not inadvertently caused you any irritation. It certainly was not my intention.

      1. Goodness, not at all. I’m just not always clear in my speaking, so just trying to clarify. I only get irritated with trolls and bullies. :-)

  21. If the net and smart phones don’t work, how are they going to keep an eye on us peon’s.? Just curious..

    1. Deborah, once the grid dies so does most folks. Our grid is why population pre grid 1880 was round 50 million Vs the current 330 million. Not from lack of interest in reproduction but the grids advantages in food production and storage (think Fridge-freezers, etc.)

      The rest the powers that be think will work and obey for food.

      Food is a weapon don’t be disarmed.

      BTW I didn’t see any ideas on how to determine if it’s an EMP vs a Power Outage? Myself I have a couple of radios in a faraday cage (as Soviet Doctrine was to use spaced out EMP’s in a strike) to try to listen in. If they show no local radio stations working what then? Unlikely the EMP would shut down Shortwave across the globe?

      Idea’s welcome.

      1. NHM,
        So you are thinking any EMP attack will be in stages, like terrorists do bombings? Makes since. An attempt to take down as many comms as possible. Military comms are likely hardened enough to withstand all but a ground zero hit. If the power goes out, I’ll be checking the AM stations on a small handheld. You can usually hear really strong AM stations several states away at night. Maybe try to listen in on the ham frequencies, but no transmissions. If I do finally get on the air (weeks, maybe months later) it will be on a small powered QRP ( <10 watts) backup rig into a NVIS antenna. Don't want to let the world know I'm here, but maybe check in with locals out to 400 miles. Stay Grey.

        1. Minerjim not to rain on anybody’s parade but with the money “saving” efforts of our CONgress (spelling intentional) we’ve put many links (and NOTHING is stronger than the weakest link, eh?) too many military communications run through Chinese Company produced products and civilian communications systems.

          Got to keep that 10% for the Big Guys going, eh? We used to call it Pork… China plays a LONG Game and I suspect we’re in the end game.

          So far, the only one I am aware of that is purely Military (and I HOPE no Chinese products inside) is the ultra-low freq Submarine communications system.

          And given “General Milley” calling his Chinese Counterparts to reassure them He would give them “Warning” if we were to attack… Maybe the Chinese already feel the Submarine Link is compromised also.

          EMP Multi-strikes are to see the results and strike again at any surviving communications-power grid and such. The fear of Our Retaliation Nuclear Stike used to keep them in check but do they OWN the Keepers of the Nuclear “Football”? Subs cannot launch without them as we were afraid of Rogue Sub Commanders acting on their own.

          America is not mentioned in the Bible aside from the likely “Alas Babylon” parts of a quick crushing destruction mentioned in Revelations. The Babylon mentioned in Old Testament was a land locked empire and had NO Harbors like the one mentioned in Revelations.

          Praying for wisdom

  22. With Christmas comes those decorative tins of popcorn and Danish Butter Cookies. Amazingly…two Baofeng radios or similar GMRS/FRS walkie-talkies in ziplock baggies fit well in the cookie tins… 3-4 of these cookie tins nest easily inside the popcorn tins….

    Of course…you must eat the popcorn and cookies first.

  23. Only EMP I am worried about is that from the orb in the sky. No nation, including us, will use an EMP unless they want to become a parking lot for Walmart….second strike of subs will even anything out. Terrorists or the Sun, those are my worries on EMP. Now conventional war and keeping your ear to the ground, well, Katie bar the door.

  24. Our enemies are patient.Why risk retaliation when we will self destruct eventually?

    1. Ron, maybe because INTERNAL Issues in their countries needs a distraction? China is facing severe economic issues and hunger issues.

      Both historically have been revolutionary level issues against the PARTY.

      Nothing like a “Successful War” to boost popularity.

      1. Not to mention, it would get a whole bunch of their excess population (men, primarily, due to previous Party policies) OUT of the country, where they would not be a danger to the regime and could be promised their pick of the new land after they were victorious.

        1. Lauren, that’s why I have doubts about an EMP being used in the US: if our nuclear power plants explode because our grid goes down, the land here will be contaminated and unusable for generations.

    2. Unless, as mentioned before, it is a group that doesn’t care. Any traditional (and rational) nation would want the resources of their defeated enemy. An ideology doesn’t care.

      I was responding to NH Michael’s comment about war, rather than specifically about an EMP.

  25. Whatever they do, it seems to me that unless it’s the crazy Iranian ayatollah, the other countries will want to preserve as much of our country as possible for all it’s natural resources. They would want to plunder our country. The victor takes the spoils. However, since it seems that America doesn’t appear in end times prophecies, we either have to be under some evil control, disarmed, or destroyed. I really hope I’m home with Jesus before this, but I’ll accept whatever He’s ordained for me and mine. Busy getting our house in order spiritually as well as preparing for going through difficult days.

    1. Remember that those prophecies were translated from the original and incomplete records by people who had no idea that “America” even existed. They were interpreted to the public over hundreds of years by people who also had no idea that this continent existed. People tend to make sense out of things based on their own experience.

      1. I suppose it depends on how successful a “Supreme Deity ” might be in getting His Message out.

        Maybe Sodom and Gomorrah never happened because only man developed the atomic bomb?

        Praying for wisdom

        1. I’ve always been curious as to why Esdras with the three headed eagle was left out of the King James Version.

        2. The Bible is God’s Word. He controls what is in it. What He wants to be there is there for all to read and decide whether to follow Him or not. Thank God for giving it to us and for sending His precious Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and save us!!! Also, He knows about America because He created it! Praise the Lord!!! Love and prayers to you all.

  26. Usually, it is the most unexpected time or happening. Something totally out of the box never considered. For sure the animals. They have no politics or boundaries of ideas or beliefs.

  27. The grim news is that so far the human race has not developed a weapon that it has not employed. Nations, as well as individuals, have developed and unleashed horrors upon their neighbors as far back as history has been recorded. I’d say the day is coming. Dr. Pry has written that both China and Russia have included EMP in their strategic planning for a couple of decades. Iran and North Korea rattle their sabers at us routinely. Lots of jihadist groups have made what would have been considered outrageous threats, except for the ease with which an EMP can be initiated. I’d say that we’ve been warned. As EMP is not a precision weapon, cargo-ship based platforms give easy access to placing a device above just about anywhere on earth. With the new hypersonic missiles, it would only take a few minutes to launch and set off a high-altitude nuclear blast, or several lower altitude blasts, in order to shut down almost any country in the world. We are a resource-rich target with vast agricultural and forest lands, as well as minerals and oil. We’re rich with fresh water. Ideologically, we’re the prime target for every disaffected group or nation on earth. Thus, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

  28. I know I’ve beaten the ham horse beyond recognition. It’s still your best bet for grid-down comms. Dennis mentioned popcorn tins, that’s what I use. Every time.
    Most of us preppers have plans in place. Either we’re staying put (most of us) or we’re going somewhere. Others may be coming our way. Now, wouldn’t it be reassuring to be able to contact VIPs? None of us will do well on our own. More secure with numbers, right? Not to mention the mental anguish of “not knowing.”
    Considering all the time/effort/money/etc. we’ve all put into preparedness, a little more couldn’t hurt. There is a solution for every situation within ham. Find your solution. One last point: Research cme vs emp. There are important differences.

  29. OTOH, China is busy buying or bullying its way into every nook and cranny globally but may not be able to make good on its promises given its current economic instability. Iran’s ayatollahs are mad, and we should use every tool in our belt to support their overthrow. Kim’s potential successor seems to be well-placed and to me this indicates a regime change may be in the works. Perhaps the next dear leader will be a bit more pragmatic. Russia has undergone so much change in the past few decades. Will it be more interested in rebuilding its regional empire and reducing nearby threats than attacking half-way around the world? Would any of the other powers that hold nuclear material be interested in attacking us? Not sure. Topping this off, we’ve got a few more relatively good years then the worst period of the grand solar minimum will be upon us. If the world is forced to endure several years of wide-spread prolonged famine, only those prepared to endure, or to go to war for food, may come out the other side. To truncate the Louis Pasteur quote – Fortune favors the prepared . . .

    1. Anony Mee could you please explain the time frame of the Grand Solar Minimum for me? Seems we are just walking into it or do I misunderstand? Are we walking into Pharaohs 7 years of skinny cows perhaps?

      Wars have been started over scarcity of food and such so it’s an interesting factor concerning possible EMP strikes to gain more farmland and resources.

      Some of the most interesting real-world data about EMP comes from:

      Soviet Test 184
      by Jerry Emanuelson, B.S.E.E.
      Futurescience, LLC
      The 1962 Soviet Nuclear EMP Tests over Kazakhstan.

      Seems they used fairly low powered nukes at fairly low altitudes (16KM) over a city they rebuilt several times for the testing. Fires were noted some reports the step-down transformers like the ones to our homes caught fire.

      The more powerful and modern EMP devices might be more effective?

      1. NH Michael, Current solar cycle, 25, began December 2019. Also marks beginning of Modern Grand Solar Minimum. Predicted to run into 2053, so a relatively short one (Maunder was 1645-1715). Trough (darkest coldest period) of the GSM predicted to be the last few years of SC 25 running into the first few years of SC 26 – 2028 through 2032. Typically GSM accompanied by longer winters, wilder more variable weather, floods, droughts, crop failure, famine, starvation, societal unrest, pandemics, and more violent vulcanism.

      2. NH Michael, As I understand it, EMP damage is not due to power of blast, just that there is a blast. Spread of EMP effects are due to height of blast. Single blast 300-400 km over Omaha would darken NA from about Arctic Circle to Mexico City. Could also be achieved by several lower altitude blasts. Given other vast swathes of well-watered arable land, US might not be only target for a hungry nation. Think South America, Central Africa, grain-growing regions in the ‘stans, larger Pacific islands, sheep lands of Australia. EMPs would have similar effects on all dense urban societies as we could foresee here. More effective, less damaging to infrastructure, and cheaper than any neutron bomb envisioned by the PTB in the 50s and 60s.

      3. NHM,
        Devices vary in size. Large megaton devices to take out the country in one shot, or kiloton sized devices for controlled damage. Special configuration, I believe similar to neutron bombs. ( heck of a thing to be discussing at the holidays, inho only)

        1. Am I missing something? If America is hit with an EMP, isn’t our infrastructure rendered unusable? I mean, if we lose power sources, our technologic devises large and small, our manufacturing plants, etc. don’t we lose the ability to produce, process, and deliver these natural resources on a major scale? Then, they’re not as accessible or exploitable by other countries, which would make the use of an EMP a deterrent by any who wanted to benefit from our nation’s wealth.

        2. – NW Gal, the infrastructure might be unusable. That doesn’t destroy the value of the resources themselves. What remains of the infrastructure could be viewed as a minable resource itself, rather than a usable technology. Gives someone something to do. Can’t think of the fiction story right now, but mining damaged tech plays a role in several of them.
          – Papa S.

  30. no reply button to Papa Smurf.

    The searching/trading for old tech was an important part in the story The Postman.
    That’s the only one I remember where it was an important part.

  31. – Horse,
    (is that Bill Jenkin’s Horse?) Slept on it and remembered Whitley Striber’s ‘War Day’ was the one I was thinking of. I know of some others that I don’t know if they are available in English; I still submit that the Opfor don’t necessarily view the value of the Natural Resources as being diminished at all. Current tech is just another minable resource.

    – Papa

    1. Just Horse, been posting with that name for years.
      BJH is out there somewhere else.

  32. Iran appears to be preparing for a space launch as negotiations continue in Vienna over its tattered nuclear deal with world powers, according to an expert and satellite images.

    The likely blast off at Iran’s Imam Khomeini Spaceport comes as Iranian state media has offered a list of upcoming planned satellite launches in the works for the Islamic Republic’s civilian space program, which has been beset by a series of failed launches. Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard runs its own parallel program that successfully put a satellite into orbit last year. source-newsmax
    this ain’t looking good guy’s.
    Iran will try and destroy the western world for religious reasons and i just don’t see why. all they know is hate for us.
    i have nothing against Islam, or any other religion, but when people try to use religion to control peoples minds and morals through it. well that’s just wrong. it’s happened for thousands of years. it’s all about control of people.
    Jim Jones is a good example.
    i’m sure that i’m wrong about this. and no offence to anyone. rant over

    1. You don’t see why they hate us?
      With our sponsored terrorism affecting them directly for years.
      We support israel that had assassinated many of their people for decades, leaders, scientists, public officials and routinely bombs them for.. fun?
      The attack on their nuclear facility, sabotage.

      They are just a boogeyman our gov uses to distract us when necessary, but at the same time has made a permanent enemy of them.
      They have good reason to hate us, quite a history.
      Look at what we did to iraq for a single example.

      Eventually.. emp weapon in Iran’s satellite, wait for it.. big fear incoming, big distraction.. the usual bs.
      Remember all the fear porn shoveled out by the msm over that tiny NK satellite. I forgot what our gov was trying to hide at the time.

  33. Some above have said it, you can worry all you want.
    There will be no warning.

    It will likely be a sea launch with the vessels sunk soon after to hide evidence, if from sea it may involve 3 or more to do as much damage as possible but one would be considered a victory to them on the big satan.

    Warning us of it with threats.. counter productive to the purpose.

    1. Horse,

      Like, say, off the west coast? Where over 170 vessels now await unloading, some being told to stay over 100 miles out to ease the congestion at the port.

      1. I found an article many years ago (2010) about a Russian company developed container launched short range missile system.
        These were actual finished for sale items with 4 missiles in each container.
        Looking at the exterior you could not tell they were anything but a 40′ shipping container, everything was internal, even the hydraulics to open and raise one end.
        Large enough to carry explosives or a small nuclear warhead.
        No pictures but I found a demo animated video of it on another site.

        For sale in 2010 so these could be anywhere now, even your local shipping yard.
        They could already be here on the ground waiting.

  34. In the event of an EMP, what would the effects be on home wiring/breaker box? Wondering specifically about the impact to generator set-up, including automatic transfer switch. I am sorely lacking in electrical knowledge/experience, other than setting up electric fencing. Also, if one wanted to get a basic working knowledge of electricity and electrical systems in general, what’s a good reference manual for a beginner?

    1. Farmgirl,
      It is impossible to answer your question without an extensive response, and your understanding of electronics. So, I will keep it extremely general and simple for the sake of a comment.

      There are LOTS (Lots!) of variables and hypotheticals that would lead to many varying answers.

      An EMP and CME (from the sun) are two different beasts, with some important differences. Beyond the scope here…

      A Major X+ class (Carrington event class) solar flare directly facing earth? You will have some warning. I would flip off the main breakers before the event, until it was over (which could be many hours, or even a day or longer).

      An EMP (HEMP detonation at altitude)? It’s instant. What have I done with my own setup for protection? I have very fast acting surge protectors integrated all over the place. Especially at the electrical panel “Mains”. And on every segment of my side-by-side off grid solar setup and transfer switches. Will it work? I don’t know. But it’s my insurance (part of it).

      You asked about where to learn about electricity for a beginner… I’m sure there are lots of books on amzn. Maybe search and choose one that has a lot of good reviews. I began my learning about electricity when I was a young boy, beginning with my dad teaching me some early basics. It has been a life long process through several careers (grin).

      1. Thanks for the explanation, Ken! I’ll do some research and look at reviews. Getting the gennie hooked up will be another opportunity to watch and learn. I plan on asking him about the kind of shielding you’re talking about, too.

    2. Farmgirl,
      the best reference knowledge i can give you is this, if you don’t know what you are doing, DON’T TOUCH IT.
      seriously, electricity, even low voltage will kill you if you are grounded well enough.
      please find someone with some knowledge and experience with it.
      people die from that everyday, and not just amateurs, but experienced tradesmen.
      ask me how i know.

      1. nyscout,

        (smile) No worries, there. Not interested in becoming a conductor! I’ve been shocked a couple of times, from hot fence, and when cleaning ports on tractor battery, and that’s enough for me. I’d just like to start learning about it. I have an electrician coming to get generator situated to house main – not something I’d be at all comfortable doing. I would like to understand it though, and maybe learn enough to change out a fixture when needed.

        1. Farmgirl,
          just be very careful, trial and error can be very unforgiving on things like that, electrocution, house fires.
          things of that nature. I’m not saying that you can’t master it, after all you have been through and overcome in the last 2 yrs i have confidence in you, just be very careful and aware.
          stay happy and safe

    3. We installed EMPShield equipment on our main house breaker box, ham antenna, and vehicles. Pretty sure they have protection available for solar systems and generators. EMPShield is an advertiser on Ken’s site. Had a local electrician install it on our breaker box. I’m pretty hesitant to tackle electrical work… took the electrician about 15 minutes to complete the install and he didn’t have to kill power to the entire house.

    4. Farmgirl, a good reference for you to begin learning about electricity and the mechanical aspects of hooking it up and using it is youtube. Pick a topic, and youtube has a training video for it. Another thing to do is go to an electrical firm in your area, and ask where their employees get their training from, and check that out. Electricity is not difficult to learn.

    5. Farmgirl
      I found this book helpful – Ultimate Guide: Wiring, 8th Edition. I also use a hand healed Non-contact Voltage Tester every time befor starting to make sure there is no power before touching. I hope this helps.
      And Ken if you approve and want to link either of these please do.

      1. Farmgirl, PNW Sal,
        i have always used a Fluke( 1AC-A1-II VoltAlert Non-Contact Voltage Tester.) 36 bucks. everyone should own one of these.
        please be sure that the power is OFF before you start. just because you have a breaker thrown does not mean anything. always check what you are working on. ask me how i know.
        i was working on a A/C unit years ago that would only get interment power. it was a grounding problem.
        i discovered that the outside A/C condenser unit would only come on when the refrigerator was running : ). old house with grounding to the metal water pipes.
        it had me scratching my head for a little while.
        there is a lot to electrical, a lot of math involved. and proper grounding is often overlooked.
        take care

  35. PNW Sal, Fred Horn,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve added that book to the list of books to order. YouTube is a good resource, and I will use it for this. Thought it would be a good idea to also have a general reference book on hand. I do have an analog multimeter, and know how to use it to check batteries, and check outlets (once I got past the ingrained teaching of not sticking metal things into sockets, :-) ) Since it’s not non-contact, I’m thinking it’s different than what you’re talking about? Anyway, thanks.

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