Former Navy SEAL Christopher Mark Heben (trained in unconventional warfare including how to take down power grids) speaks with Judge Jeanine about the dangers of America’s power grid and how apparently ‘amazingly easy’ it would be for terror cells to dismantle.

“Believe me, it doesn’t take a doctorate from MIT to figure out how to make an EMP device that will take down not only a electrical substation, but transmission stations and the distribution stations…”

Several EMP’s placed properly at the right locations utilizing a cell phone device and RFD technology (Remote Firing Device) could bring down 15 transmission stations at one time.

When remarking about the recently revealed incident in which a San Jose substation was attacked last year (by unknowns), Heben said “As a SEAL those were some of the techniques that I would have utilized,” “…it could have been a test, but I’m also thinking maybe there’s some things that they’ve already instituted or implemented as a result of that attack.”

“As Americans we’re in trouble right now; there’s things in play right now in this country that we’re not aware of – if our power grids go down I suggest everyone stock up on…”

“…there are many forces that are implicit with attacks on the U.S. from the inside out.”

“We’ve got problems Judge, we really do.”


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And what would happen to our nuclear power plants?

Hat Tip to Robert of ReadyMadeResources.com

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