Navy SEAL Says It Would Be Easy To Take Down Our Power Grid


Navy SEAL Christopher Mark Heben was trained in unconventional warfare including how to take down power grids. He spoke with Judge Jeanine (back during 2014) about the dangers of America’s power grid. How apparently ‘amazingly easy’ it would be for terror cells to dismantle.

Multiple Ways To Take Down The Power Grid

“Believe me, it doesn’t take a doctorate from MIT to figure out how to make an EMP device that will take down not only a electrical substation, but transmission stations and the distribution stations…”

Several EMP’s placed properly at the right locations utilizing a cell phone device and RFD technology (Remote Firing Device) could bring down 15 transmission stations at one time.

He also commented about the incident at a San Jose substation (2013). The electrical substation was attacked (by unknowns). Snipers (apparently just one or two) opened fire on the substation, shooting for 19 minutes. More than 100 fingerprint-free shell casings were found at the scene. They knocked out 17 transformers that supply power to Silicon Valley. When police arrived, they were gone…

Heben said “As a SEAL those were some of the techniques that I would have utilized,” “…it could have been a test, but I’m also thinking maybe there’s some things that they’ve already instituted or implemented as a result of that attack.”

“As Americans we’re in trouble right now; there’s things in play right now in this country that we’re not aware of – if our power grids go down I suggest everyone stock up on…”

“…there are many forces that are implicit with attacks on the U.S. from the inside out.”

“We’ve got problems Judge, we really do.”

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Don’t Be Lulled By Normalcy Bias

I first wrote about this brief interview six years ago on the blog. I am bringing it to light once again. Why? Because nothing has changed. And we must not lose sight of the systemic vulnerability of our electrical power grid. Normalcy bias is, well, normal. Don’t be lulled.

Recently, we have been warned by the World Economic Forum (made up of powerful globalist elites). They virtually guaranteed that we would experience some MAJOR disruptions in our lives ahead. “The Covid-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison.” One of which is grid failure. When billionaire globalists speak, I listen to what they’re saying. Often it is predictive programming…

“…a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services…our society as a whole.

~ Founder World Economic Forum – Klaus Schwab

Note the word, “complete”.

Shooting out transformers at electrical substations is (apparently) relatively easy. A coordinated attack on major ‘feeder’ substations could result in catastrophic and long lasting power outages.

Heben says that localized EMP devices could similarly take down grid stations.

Cyber Attack, in my opinion (and that of many others) is also a very real vulnerability. Many have written about this threat to our grid. I recall writing a post about Ted Koppel’s book, “Lights Out” (view on amzn).

Lights Out


Extended periods of darkness, longer and more profound than anyone now living in one of America’s great cities has ever known.

As power shuts down there is darkness and the sudden loss of electrical conveniences. As batteries lose power, there is the more gradual failure of cellphones, portable radios, and flashlights.

Emergency generators provide pockets of light and power, but there is little running water anywhere. In cities with water towers on the roofs of high-rise buildings, gravity keeps the flow going for two, perhaps three days. When this runs out, taps go dry; toilets no longer flush.

Emergency supplies of bottled water are too scarce to use for anything but drinking, and there is nowhere to replenish the supply.

Disposal of human waste becomes a critical issue within days.

Supermarkets and pharmacy shelves are empty in a matter of hours. It is a shock to discover how quickly a city can exhaust its food supplies.

Stores do not readily adapt to panic buying, and many city dwellers, accustomed to ordering out, have only scant supplies at home. There is no immediate resupply, and people become desperate.

~ snipped from the beginning of his book

Weaponized EMP & CME From The Sun

And then there is the threat of weaponized nuclear EMP at altitude sufficient to destroy electronics up to great distances. Though seemingly impossible (it’s not), or highly unlikely (due to retaliation), one never knows – given the “actors” in this world…

Don’t forget about the sun. Even though we have been in the “solar minimum” part of its cycle (and maybe in a “grand solar minimum), a solar flare is always a real possibility. It would have to be massive (which happens more often than you may realize). And it would have to be earth-directed (facing earth, just right). But again, it happens. A huge coronal mass ejection (CME) also has the potential to take down power grids.

Most of us can easily handle “grid down” for short and medium lengths of time. However beyond that, well, it’s Lights Out…

If you haven’t read the following novel, I suggest that you do.
One Second After
(view on amzn)

And what would happen to our Nuclear Power Plants?

What Would Happen If Grid Went Down For A Very Long Time

A number of years ago I hypothesized about the timeline of what could happen if we experienced a major widespread long-lasting grid down situation. It would be more than a “situation”! It would probably result in the death of the majority of our population here in the U.S.

Here’s what I thought at the time:


  • The cities would be the hardest hit.
  • Thousands trapped in elevators
  • ALL electrical appliances shut down-refrigerators, heating, A/C
  • ATM machines are inoperative
  • Banks and other businesses shut down
  • Gas stations without generators cannot pump fuel
  • For most, profound darkness


  • Water faucets begin to run dry in some areas without utility generators
  • Toilets will no longer flush without water pressure
  • Drug stores and supermarkets being stripped
  • Law enforcement overwhelmed by emergencies and outbreaks of looting
  • Batteries on laptops, cell phones, and flashlights are dying
  • Conflicting descriptions of power outage, unknown expected duration
  • Officials disagree regarding recommended actions
  • Bridges, tunnels, highways becoming clogged with refugees


  • Gas stations running out of fuel (those that could pump)
  • Water is at a premium
  • Some emergency generators assist in pumping water and sewage (limited)
  • Many ‘unprepared’ are running out of food already
  • Beginning to panic, discovering widespread outage ramifications
  • The “Oh $hit” moment of realization…


  • Any .gov emergency rations are depleted
  • Many of the elderly and infirm have died
  • Hospitals overwhelmed and struggling to perform emergency services
  • Military attempts to maintain semblance of order, but not enough personnel
  • Looting (especially cities) has become rampant
  • Millions upon millions are ‘on their own’


  • People have become deeply frightened and fear for their lives
  • Most are now entirely running out of food to eat
  • Many are dying in regions without access to water
  • Many are dying in regions/climates where there is no heat (if during winter)
  • Disease (e.g. typhoid fever, cholera) from eating tainted food, water, poor sanitation
  • Martial Law is declared (perhaps even sooner)


  • Many drug-dependent patients are dying
  • The millions with severe psychotic disorders (no more meds) create bedlam
  • People and communities fighting over resources
  • Home invasions and violence-related die-offs
  • Escaped prisoners, organized gangs, more violence-related die-off
  • Communities are slowly starving


90% are dead

This goes way beyond generators and a few jugs of fuel. Survival will hinge upon the extent of grid-down length of time in your locale/region. Your geographical location (climate survivability and time of year). SECURITY. Your overall food & water preparedness. Sustainability. And many other factors. Truly a Level-4 event.

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