North Korea Satellite Orbit

Suspect Super-EMP Orbit Over United States

North Korea Satellite Orbit

Given the recent nuclear threats from North Korea directed at the United States, the satellite orbital map shown above indicates the track of the KMS 3-2 “satellite” this week from APR 8 – APR 16, which coincidentally just so happens to orbit along the eastern half of the U.S.

Some believe or suspect that this “satellite” may actually be a Super-EMP nuclear device…

No one knows for sure of course, but people like Dr. Peter Vincent Pry with credentials from the USAF Weapons Laboratory believes that North Korea indeed may have the capability or may even posses Super-EMP nuclear weapons.

On December 12, 2012, the Kwangmyongsong 3-2 (KMS 3-2) was launched into space on a polar orbit, and is said to be an “Earth observation satellite”. The satellite was not placed perfectly and is evidently tumbling every 17 seconds while it orbits the earth. From an EMP nuclear weapon perspective, the tumbling is apparently irrelevant.

The altitude of orbit is approximately 500 km, or about 300 miles, the perfect altitude for EMP detonation for maximum range and damage. Coincidence?

If U.S. ‘officials’ knew or suspected this, do you think they would tell us? I think not.

It is pure speculation regarding the North Korean satellite being a Super-EMP weapon, and some may believe it to be conspiracy to even mention the possibility… but it is incumbent upon us to be aware of the possibilities and to assess (and to prepare according to corresponding risk assessment) instead of being completely ignorant or in denial.

I have captured the orbital elements and base map of this week’s position of KMS 3-2 from the real-time satellite tracking website,, and added the dates and visualization of detonation. Coincidentally, as most of the U.S. population is east of the Mississippi River, optimal damage (from an EMP on this orbit) would theoretically occur anywhere from mid to late week or into next week.

Again, this is hypothetical, but if you are concerned at all, read the Super-EMP article regarding North Korea which may shed some light on the possibilities.

…thought you might be interested to be aware of this.


    1. The best that I can determine is that the overhead orbits are all generally within an hour or two of 8PM during the evening, east coast time. If this is not correct, I will update this message…

      The image within the article above reflects the path of the orbits which will pass overhead during the evening. The image below are the orbits which will pass overhead in the morning during those days, at approximately 11AM eastern time, more or less.

      Having just gathered this fresh data of the morning flyovers, the 10th at 11AM sure looks prime for the east coast, DC, NY…

      Again, this satellite has been orbiting since December 12, 2012, and may simply be a piece of space junk. But as mentioned in the article, it’s an exercise in common sense to consider other possibilities, especially given the rhetoric and threats this past week.

      1. I thought the ideal “whole US” EMP strike was basically directly over Iowa as it would reach Coast to Coast. Based on a East coast event at this altitude, how far west would the effects be felt?

        1. Yes, ideally that is correct, IF the EMP is of sufficient size/performance.

          Given that NoKor is relatively new to the theater, their advancements are questionable (if at all). So, given that probability (of lesser capabilities than say a U.S. or Russian built Super-EMP), then it would make sense to target the largest population center and let the cards fall as they may (electrons in this case…)

          Of course all this would be quite self-destructive to NoKor given the probable retaliation; but ‘what if’ the global powers-that-be are willing to sacrifice them to enable a major ‘reset’? …now that’s conspiracy… or is it…

  1. For those interested, here’s live tracking of KMS 3-2:

    If you zoom out, you’ll also see the configured path. I have my doubts about a super EMP, more likely NKor’s flex attempt with technology or perhaps to track movements of other countries, but given the current world affairs, who knows? Just another reason to keep your supplies fresh and rotated.

  2. …would they suffer consequences??? I’m not all that convinced that our president would necessarilly counter attack.

    1. This president would not counter attack for an emp strike against us. He has proved this over and over and any aggressor knows that. If we make it two and one-half more years I will be amazed and very thankful.

  3. Super EMP… So it has a larger target radius but does it deliver a more powerful blast at locations close to the detonation location? My question is whether a usual faraday cage would be enough to block a super EMP or does one need a better faraday cage? I am asking since I have an insulin pump and would like to keep it operational. I made a foil/ziploc faraday cage to add some protection to my pump. Any thoughts? BTW, I am close to the centrally located ideal drop location…

      1. You’ve got it backward – a “super-EMP” will take effect over the same location (line of sight from explosion), but will cause MUCH more damage to a wider variety of items (more gamma radiation).

  4. Game it out. North Korea sets it off over the East Coast on the 10th, and over half the US is now without Electricity. China immediately “invades” North Korea to secure it from this madmen (they have been moving forces to their border right?). Now what? Do we invade Korean through the Chinese? We have 2/3 of our population in the dark ages, I am pretty sure our military will be pretty busy being called home from every corner of the world. Guess who has the industrial capacity to sell us all the replacement components? Yep, and now they get to charge what they want for them…..I wonder if the going rate would be California, or if they would want Hawaii too.

    1. Really aside from the land value and having to change our flags would we really be losing much if California went away. :P

  5. I was also wondering how an EMP pulse would affect solar panels and systems. I was hoping to have some sort of solar set-up installed sometime this summer. I had planned on starting small and adding to it as I could afford it. The plan was to start will a system just big enough to run critical systems to start. Now I am wondering if it would be destroyed by an EMP. Do you know Ken?

    1. There are a lot of electronics in the Inverter that would probably fry. I think there are also some electronics in the individual panels that might be at risk, but I am not as sure on the panel. Dirty secret on grid tied in systems without a battery back up (which is a majority of what goes up these days) is they don’t operate when there is no INCOMING juice to a house, since it is a safety precaution in case a lineman is working outside your house and had to shut off the power (so the system doesn’t send the juice back into the line in a direction the lineman is not expecting it from). Post Sandy, we had were without power for a week, and had a perfectly functioning solar system on the roof, just couldn’t turn it on until we got grid power back. Yes, hindsight being 20/20, should have also gotten the battery backup.

      1. That’s right… there are electronics in the inverter, charge controller, and there are blocking diodes in the panels themselves (uncertain regarding the rating of these diodes with respect to voltage spike, but they could theoretically fry under worst conditions).

        Additionally, as you mentioned, having the battery bank is totally off-grid, and the right choice if you wish to be functional while the grid is down (except perhaps following an EMP scenario, which may fry the system).

  6. Ok, good to know. I just may hold off on this for awhile longer then. Since I feel that an EMP pulse is the greatest threat we face at this point in time. I have other prep projects I will focus on instead.

    1. Just do some research into the panels you are getting. Diodes are cheap and a spare charge controller could be stored away in a cage somewhere. Personally if I had the money to do solar I would do it even if it meant potentially loosing part of it temporarily if something happened. Learn how to repair electronics and get any spare parts you might need for the controllers and a nonelectric soldering iron and with a good set schematics and your good to go.

  7. This is why I tune in every day… should the lights go boom this week at least we will be ahead of the mob knowing what is directly above. Nice article Ken.

  8. Great article! Daily reader and I REALLY appreciate the updates that are pertinent, which is all of them.

    1. …lets just say that I hope this one is not pertinent in the end. I have a feeling though that one way or another, this NoKor thing is being played such that this may lead to something not so good.

  9. Something else about North Korea, where maybe only a small part of population are thought worth saving:


    “The network is completely underground. The design of the network was based on metro networks in other communist countries, in particular the Moscow Metro. Both networks share many characteristics, such as the great depth of the lines (100 meters plus) and the large distance between stations. Another common feature is the Socialist realist art that can be found in the stations such as murals and statues. Staff of the Metro have a military-style uniform that is specific to these workers.
    In times of war, the metro stations can serve as bomb shelters. For this purpose, the stations are fitted with large steel doors. Some sources claim that large military installations are connected to the stations, and also that there exist secret lines solely for government use.”


    The game’s backstory begins during the early 21st century, with tensions between North Korea and global powers running high due to North Korea’s military aggression, including its successful testing of nuclear weapons (coincidentally taking place in 2013 within the game’s timeline, the same year in which a real nuclear test was enacted by North Korea) and the sinking of a South Korean ship.

    In 2013, two years after the death of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il (which, incidentally, came in December 2011, several months after the game’s release, and the same year that it happened in-game), his son and successor, Kim Jong-un, reunites North and South Korea to form the Greater Korean Republic (GKR), a technological and economic global power. By 2015, a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, both now nuclear-armed states, has devastated the global oil supply, causing prices to skyrocket. This precipitates extreme economic turmoil and massive social unrest in the U.S. Subsequently, in 2017, the U.S. military recalls much of its overseas presence, particularly in the Pacific. A year later, Japan, significantly weakened due to the diminishment of the US defence treaty for Japan is easily conquered by the GKR and joins the Greater Korean Republic.

    In 2022, conditions in the U.S. worsen with the collapse of the financial system and an Asian bird flu epidemic that claims 6 million lives, forcing the Mexican Government to close its northern borders leading into the USA as fear of the Avian flu epidemic continues throughout North America. By 2024, Korea’s annexation has continued throughout Southeast Asia, including its emerging economic powers, giving the GKR an empire reminiscent of Imperial Japan.
    (*poster’s note: interesting premise at this point…)

    A year later, the Korean superstate launches a supposed GPS satellite that is actually an orbital weapon. It detonates a high-altitude nuclear device over the U.S., creating an EMP burst that wipes out much of the nation’s electrical infrastructure. In the ensuing chaos, the KPA launches an amphibious invasion that seizes control of Hawaii and much of the U.S. Pacific Coast. KPA paratroopers are deployed over the Midwest and, with the U.S. military severely crippled and scattered, launch the final offensive to take control of the remaining states. The U.S. military, however, was able to counterattack, leaving the Eastern States free, and effectively dividing the nation at the irradiated Mississippi River, with the Western states under GKR occupation.

    (Things that make you go hmmmmmm…..)

  11. I wrote my thesis on emp effects of nuclear detonations and currently work in the field of nuclear treaty compliance. I find it amazing that anyone actually believes the crap published here. A basic science education would give the knowledge to understand that a super imp weapon is pure fiction. Grow up people use the brain God gave you, stop reading this crap! Wake up America, the fringe left and right are ruining this great nation. Conspiracy idiots who think the Government hides shit are just as bad for our country as are the people who want to give everything away for free. Get a job, take of your neighbor, and get an education!

    1. You just proved to us the value (or lack thereof) of your education. (Heavy sigh).

    2. Hey Mac, Thesis? Really? I wonder what someone like you with such a higher education is doing on a site like this looking down your nose at the rest of us, hmmmm?

      Just keep telling yourself that there’s no such thing as an “imp”, and everything will be alright. Go on now, go back to your caviar and sipping champagne while the rest of us eat our hot dogs and drink our beer. It was a privilege being graced with your presence.

      Too bad I didn’t get myself a edumacation so I wood no betta that there be no such ting as a imp. Imp’s a scary ting you no. or is it know instead a no. i dunno.

    3. How about passing along the link to your dissertation on EMP to show us where we are wrong?

      I am an Electrical Engineer with 30 years of EMC experience and have studied the 2008 EMP Commission extensively. I would like to see your findings that show the Commission’s study in error.


    4. It is a fact that any nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude creates an electro magnetic pulse. It is common knowledge. I think the dissenters are government trolls. The emp is caused by gamma radiation fact. Fact just like a solar flare can cripple the grid using , yep you guessed it gamma rays. I am a nuclear engineer and researcher at the jj pickle research facility for the university of texas , where we have a SYGMA MARK II NUCLEAR REACTOR . FACT. Anyone who tells you a emp from a low yield nuclear detonation will not paralyze this country is either a liar, doesn’t know what he is talking about, or works for North Korea , and China. They can tell that to someone else that has never designed one for the US government.

    5. Ever since Iran-Contra, those who deny the truth regarding conspiracy theories, prove themselves insane. Freedom of Speech and Conspiracy Theory are mutually exclusive terms. Meaning one can NOT profess to believe in Freedom of Speech and ever label the search for the Truth a conspiracy, without proving themselves to be a treasonous lying fraud. Congratulations, another Satanic Nazi Shill spews your public display of absolute ignorance.

  12. I’ve tried to tell the sheeple about these weapons, but they won’t listen. Any moron with half a brain can design one. I have backup electricity if they explode it. Bleat on folks that think they are smart, but in fact have all the intelligence of a sack of doorknobs.

  13. I love how quickly we descended on the disinformation like a pack of wild dogs on a cat. Just shows being informed will always win out to someone trying to snow you into submission. Keep up the posts!!

  14. I cant believe we don’t take this shit out. N. Korea wants war and we have something from them in space over us, are u serious.

    1. If we took it out and there is a super emp on it, it would detonate just like if they pulled the trigger. Same effect wiping electrical, fuel pumps in cars, and anything that has a chip destroyed not being able to rebuild but have to be replaced. We can’t ask them to change the direction or move it because its “falling” or tumbling out of control so they say, could be a sleeper super emp.

  15. this is why i ve lived off the grid for the past 10 years!Away from all the cities, in the middle of nowhere.I will miss my cell phone a bit though.Ha.

  16. Just a quick question. I’m not very well versed in EMP’s, nuclear weapons, etc. But in my mind, if N. Korea had these weapons ready and available, as pushy and whiny as they’ve been for as long as I can remember, why didn’t they use them immediately when they got them into place? So far they’ve kind of sucked with any of their WMD’s.

  17. Now if we could only make this fit.

    Dan 8:23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.
    Dan 8:24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.
    Dan 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

    I keep trying to fit war with peace. I just cant do it. Whats wrong with me

  18. Interesting thing is theres some haarp activity aroound arkansas and couple of other states… coincidence????

  19. EMP Devices have been in space for years now, China years ago already used one of its satellite killers to destroy an old satellite they had in space some years ago. what makes you think, Russia, North Korea, china don’t have a EMP device in one of the satellites floating around in space now? Our entire planet is at risk of such an attack. all electronics we use throughout the world are another 9/11 waiting to happen. I grew up without what we take for granted in today’s world of electronics. Today’s world would be thrown into total chaos. Picture yourself driving down the nations Highways and an EMP went off.All modern electronic vehicles would be dead in the road, while pre-electronic age vehicles would be still drivable.I have a 1965 ford pickup with 100% no electronics only coil & points. easy to repair in a post EMP world.

  20. I can’t believe we sit here like bumps on a log while an enemy flies a potential society ending weapon over our nation… should be taken out immediately.A nation such as Korea
    has very little to lose if we blew them off the map….why would we take such a risk ?This is just unreal

  21. I would just like to add that MOST of all the so-called “Conspiracies” of this generation have been proven truthful! Just do some REAL research for yourself, it isn’t hard to find the facts that are being unveiled around the world. It is ONLY the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND TO HELL when clock strikes midnight!!!! The REAL INTELLIGENT people are the ones who seek truth in every avenue before spiritually discerning what is truth. Hint- your spirit has to be in touch with the Holy Spirit in order to HAVE spiritually discernment to know & understand the facts from the lies! An EMP attack on USA is most probable to happen since it is the #1 strategy of many of our nation’s enemies in order to bring in the NWO. The NWO is all set to go, they ONLY need a catastrophe like an EMP to make it happen OVERNIGHT. It would be the easiest way to destroy this nation as a superpower. It only makes sense for the enemies to consider it a real strategy! People who don’t want to accept that the USA could be destroyed as a sovereign nation REALLY NEED TO READ THE END-TIME BIBLE PROPHESIES! It’s all in there, God has warned us from the beginning. uNFORTUNATELY MOST people, are too afraid to imagine this & so they bury their heads in the LIES in order to feel better- just as the Bible declares-MOST will NOT HEAD THE WARNINGS & WILL PERISH. God Bless You All!

  22. Are we able to calculate the next few exact times the KMS-4 satellite passes over Iowa specifically? That 2016 satellite I think could have the HEMP that would do it. Any computer wizards here who can extrapolate??

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