What Items Do You Or Would You Store In Your Own Faraday Cage?

We are vulnerable to the risk of ‘natural’ or ‘man-made’ EMP (electromagnetic pulse), which has the potential to destroy electronic components and electronic infrastructure – and maybe even bring down the electric power grid.

An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is thought to be a highly unlikely event. And it might be. On the other hand, no one can predict with any certainty one way or the other…if and when we get ‘zapped’ into a pre-high-tech age in which many or most of our infrastructure systems stop working (any system which depends upon electronics to keep on functioning).

While the follow-on effects of a devastating EMP event would be horrific, for those who are preparing for such an event – what are the electronic items that you would consider ‘saving’ in a do-it-yourself Faraday cage for life after the EMP?

Here are a few thoughts:

As a precaution, some of you may stash some particular items in a do-it-yourself Faraday cage for protection from an EMP.

So, I have two questions for you:

1. What specific items do you (or would you) store in a Faraday cage?
2. What is the reason for keeping said item(s)?

Okay, lets hear from you. When we’ve got a good list going, I’ll update this article to reflect what seems to be the priority items that you’ve selected…

I’ve asked this question before, years ago here on the blog. Here are some of those results from back then:

  • Solar Battery Charger for rechargeable batteries (AA / AAA, etc.)
  • Portable Shortwave Radio receiver (AM/FM, Shortwave, HF, SSB)
  • 2-way Handheld Transceivers (e.g. FRS/GMRS, ‘walkie-talkies’, etc..)
  • Laptop / Tablet / Kindle / etc.. with stored resource information and data
  • Charge controller / Inverter spare for solar power system (If you have such a system)
  • Ham radio (transceiver)

Note: It could get pretty expensive storing some of these things. Just sitting there, not being used for an event that may not (hopefully not) ever happen. Just a thought…

Another thought is that if such a horrific event were to occur, there would come a time afterwards whereby some of your Faraday cage item choices may not matter anymore. Though there are certainly some choices which would continue to be of great value. Such as handheld 2-way radios for example (security!). Anyway – something to think about.

One of my high priorities would also be maintaining ways to produce power/energy by way of solar. To be able to charge up other battery operated devices or tools, for example. Flashlights/Headlamps for one. Portable radios for another… I have an off-grid solar system, so relevant backups to keep it running would also be good!

Okay, your thoughts?

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