Addictions After TSHTF

There are addictions in life that we don’t necessarily recognize as such, because we take them for granted that they will always be there and available. Plus we may not see them as addictions. Things like coffee (caffeine), sugar, soda, chocolate, candy, chips and junk food. Prescription drugs that you take for health reasons. Of course there is also the more obvious, cigarettes, alcohol, and other recreational ‘drugs’.

While preppers plan and prepare contingencies for various setbacks, disaster, or SHTF, how many consider the consequences of the addictions that we may have in life?

Sudden withdrawal from these can make one’s life miserable. Headaches are common. Irritability is definite. A lack of energy and a reduction in drive. Sleep disorder and insomnia may be an issue. There are also more serious withdrawal consequences depending on the substance.

These symptoms could last for quite some time until your body systems no longer require the addictive substitute and your body begins producing its own internally balanced formula of chemicals.

The last thing you will need in a survival situation are symptoms of withdrawal. Think hard about what it is that you may be addicted to, and make some decisions. Either stock up, or kick the habit.

Minor substances like coffee and sugars are easily ‘stock-able’. Coffee sealed in cans will last for a LONG time. Sugar will last ‘forever’.

Quitting smoking is your best choice, however cigarettes will be one of THE BEST barter items in a SHTF aftermath. Tied for BEST will be alcohol.

Here’s the thing to think about though…

For any of you who have quit smoking in the past, know how hard it can be and what it can do to your attitude for many weeks afterward. It’s not pretty. The weeks following a SHTF scenario will be the most important weeks to consider. You DO NOT want to be dependent on major addictive substances during this time.

For those on prescription medications, think to yourself… what is the underlying reason that I take them? Maybe there is a way to adjust your life, your diet?, exercise?, such that you can reduce the ’cause’ and perhaps the pill itself. If not, then do be sure to have an ample store of the prescription that you depend upon.

For those who drink heavily, can you cut back? If you cannot, then consider your craving and what it will be like when it is gone. Some people can successfully ‘moderate’ their addictions, while others simply cannot. Those who cannot… it’s either all or nothing. Maybe nothing is better.

Think about it.


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