Best Antioxidant Fruits

Antioxidants In Fruits – The 10 Healthiest Fruits You Can Eat

Best Antioxidant Fruits

The following common fruits typically found at your local grocery store are loaded with antioxidants and potential health benefits.

Their antioxidant value combined with “typically found at your grocery store” might make them the healthiest fruits you can eat.

Why? Because they are likely available to you and therefore you’re more likely to eat them!

See the following list of 10 common fruits sorted by highest ORAC value:


What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, thereby leading to chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms.

Antioxidant benefits include the potential prevention or delay of some types of cell damage. Since ‘free radicals’ may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases, Antioxidants may help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.


What are ORAC units?

ORAC units measure antioxidant capacity of foods.

ORAC units are typically measured per 100 grams (or 3.5 ounces).


10 Common Fruits With High ORAC values

Note: There are other ‘exotic’ (less commonly found at your grocery store) fruits which may be considered higher in antioxidant ORAC value. However the following are fairly common:

Plums ORAC value

1. Plums

– 7,581 ORAC units

Blueberries ORAC value

2. Blueberries

– 6,552 ORAC units

Prunes ORAC value

3. Prunes

– same ORAC value as blueberries

Blackberries ORAC value

4. Blackberries

– 5,347 ORAC units

Raspberries ORAC value

5. Raspberries

– 4,882 ORAC units

Apples ORAC value

6. Apples

– 4,275 ORAC units (Red Delicious)

Strawberries ORAC value

7. Strawberries

– 3,577 ORAC units

Figs ORAC value

8. Figs

– 3,383 ORAC units

Cherries ORAC value

9. Cherries

– 3,365 ORAC units

Pears ORAC value

10. Pears

– 2,941 ORAC units

ORAC data had been sourced from the US Department of Agriculture during 2010.

See the following article for more information on ORAC units and high ORAC value foods:

Top 100 High ORAC Value Antioxidant Foods


Antioxidants Supplements

There are a wide variety of antioxidant supplements which may be of benefit. While eating the actual fruit (or vegetable) is logically an ideal choice, some supplements concentrate the substance into apparently more powerful antioxidant formulas.


  1. Good to know on the blueberries. I’ve got a huge amount this year as compared to last year. I’m not doing anything different bit they are huge and I have three times as many as last year.

    1. I too have lots of (wild) blueberries around the property. Way more this year than I’ve noticed before. Sometimes after finding a new patch, I would bend over and eat them ;) (and make a mental note where they are). Noticed most of them during end of July, early August where I live.

  2. Seeing all those berries n such makes me want to take a trip to the store for berries and ice cream! Bad news at 4:12am

  3. Do you “need” anti-oxidants? There is no MDR for them. They are some nebulous thing that some fanatics and authors think will cure everything and make you live forever. But it seems if you get zero antioxidants you are just as healthy and live just as long. Do you need antioxidants or is it just another fad?

    1. @OneGuy, I’m not a medical doctor or qualified to answer your question.

      I’m not so sure that it’s about “need”, rather the potential for benefit.

      That said, I love blueberries (and other berries and fruits on the list) and I’m pleased to know that they are among the higher antioxidant ORAC rated in their class. I’m going to keep on eating them ;) Maybe I’ll live a little bit longer because of it, or maybe not.

      Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

      1. Ken;
        Good reply, On the same note, would it not be interesting to see an article on the “quality” of life not only the “length of living”.
        AND yes it has to do with preparing and survival as far as I’m concerned.
        AKA, what good would it do to survive TSHTF and live like a Rat afterwards?

      2. Ken,
        ” Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?” In my case yes. years ago I developed an ongoing case of daily heartburn. Saw the doctor, who prescribed that ‘purple pill’. I could not bring myself to start taking that crap, just did not seem right. Few weeks later I heard about eating apples to cure heartburn. I tried it and after a few days of eating an apple daily in the morning, my heartburn started to go away. I still eat an apple every morning. little to know heartburn now for over 10 years. No visits to the doctor for it either.

        1. That’s good to know! On the rare occasions I get heartburn, I drink raw milk, which alleviates discomfort. I may try an apple next!

          1. Whoops! And to be on subject, we grow all on the list but cherries and raspberries here. We haven’t had too many plums the last few years. I’ll try to take better care of them this year!

          2. Roughrider,
            Make take a couple of days to kick in, but you start eating ‘an apple a day’ for several weeks, you will see a difference.

    2. OneGuy
      A friend of mine put it pretty simple yesterday when we were talking about eating habbits etc,
      He said it doesnt matter what you eat, if your DNA had a iddy biddy flaw in it in just the right place when everything was developing that determins how your health or lack there of will play out. Made sense to me, just sayin

      1. I don’t think steroid and pesticide laced fast foods are god for anyone’s DNA. But it does seem that people have varying diets that suits their bodies and health. I can’t eat hot spicy foods nor too much gluten – some say you are just picky but I say bull.

        1. True,,, so true,
          I have definitely seen folks who defy the hype,
          1. Guy eats healthy, excercise daily, thin, doesnt drink, looks healthy, keels over of a heart attack at 55.
          2. Guy eats meat, few veggies, white rice, smokes cigars, drinks, a bit overweight, lives to be 83 still going strong,,,
          You see it all the time, sometimes no rhyme or reason

          1. Tommyboy,
            Genetics plays a big part to be sure. Eating more antioxidant foods will likely have a positive effect on the ‘general’ population. There will always be ‘anomalies’ among the population as you have mentioned. I see them too, and smile at the guy that is ‘going against statistics’.

          2. Miner Jim
            Definitely,,, theres far more healthy, healthy eaters than healthy, poor eaters,,,
            I have a feeling i fall in the poor and chancing fate group

  4. The death of America, ‘Food’.
    Think on that statement for a second….. Go on, think about it, I’ll wait……………………………….

    Eating the correct foods such as Ken suggest here is smart, VERY smart.
    He has presented a good argument of eating Fruits with Antioxidants.
    I quote;
    “Antioxidant benefits include the potential prevention or delay of some types of cell damage. Since ‘free radicals’ may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases, Antioxidants may help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.”
    The key words here are “Potential and May”!!!!

    Sorry people but eating a hand full of Blueberries will do you absolutely NO GOOD if you’re washing them down with a Big-Mac and Coke. And nay we forget the one pound of greasy French Fries.

    Look at the food we eat, than look at the health of the US, Fat, no ‘HUGE Obesity’, is killing a HECK of a lot of people every day.
    You want to talk about guns, crimes and murders, try taking a look at the health issues we face. Look at the huge increase in Cancers and Heart disease.

    I’m not going to offer a Diet or any change of Lifestyle, I’m just going to tell you to take a good hard look in the mirror, look at yourself as a Science Experiment, do you see a layer of Fat covering that hunk of dwindling meat and skeleton? Do you drink alcoholic excessively frying your Gray Matter?

    You are what you eat, drink, breath.
    Do you eat Mc-Donald’s; drink Sugar and Caffeine; Breath Cigarette Smoke?
    That’s the choice you make, but do NOT blame anyone but yourself when your Doctor tells you “Sorry XYZ, but you’re 150 pounds overweight and now you need a Quad Bypass and we’ll need to work on that Cancer when we’re done”.

    Please eat healthy; Ken’s suggestions are a good beginning.

    Rant over, sorry all.

    1. NRP,

      My wife donates her plasma a couple of times every 2 weeks. You don’t think that what something does to your body. One time last month, we ate a couple of homemade cheeseburgers the day before she was going to donate. It took twice as long and the color of the plasma was kind of green. The worker at the plasma center said it was caused by the cheese.

      Everything you put into your body has an effect on you, even if you don’t feel anything different.
      It really changed my perspective on the way seemingly harmless things can have a big impact on our metabolisms.

      As for myself, I will stick to cheeseburgers and Miller Lite.


      1. Doc Jackson;
        First of all allow me to say “God bless your for donating plasma” I do a lot of work on the local Vampire Company facility, tis amazing the number of people there.
        But your absolutely correct, the Plasma changes according to what you put in the old Gut everyday.
        PS; Yes I do the Cheeseburger (with 4 patties and 6 slices of cheese hold the lettuce extra Mayo) from time to time, OMG they are sooooooo good with a 32 ounce Brew HAHAHAHA

    2. But where’s the proof? I eat McDonalds all the time and I doubt my plasma is ever green. I eat chocolate and candy everyday. I eat meat and love bacon. I eat chips by the pound and ice cream and buy 5 lbs of chocolate chip cookies when I go to Safeway. I have done this all my life and I’m 75. Where is the proof that McDonalds is bad for you? Or cheese or meat or sugar or any of the fad things that the diet faddists like to spout off about. I consider tobacco to be bad and alcohol but not food, unless you have an illness that requires a certain diet.

      All of this stems from a desire to “think” we are doing the right thing. There are literally a million different diets/fads/ideas about food and what is good and what is bad for you and they all disagree and point in different directions.

      1. Thanks for the insight. I guess at 75 years you should be able to eat whatever you want. I do not have any proof to substantiate my comment.

        Be well Friend.


  5. Up here in the Northern mountains, we have huckelberries that grow wild, and are related to blueberries. Only they are a little tart compared to blueberries. But they make great pies, jam, etc., and are super in hotcakes and on cereal. There are all kinds of things you can make with them, and you can substitute them for blueberries. My wife makes a great cake with them.

    1. P.S. A great pie is made with half huckleberries and half apples. Or you can substitute blueberries for them.(yum)

      1. BBC
        Did you hang out with my mom in the kitchen?? 😊🥧
        It was one of her favorite pies she would make when I was little & went huckleberry picking with her in the mountains. You are only the second person to ever mention that combination of fruit in a pie.

    2. The great huckleberry hunt. Find that patch and keep it a secrete. Keep your eyes on them until just the correct ripeness. Then a swarm of organized people come out with vans full of people and stacks of buckets to decimate the entire crop – next week you see ads everywhere in restaurants for fresh berries.
      This is exactly what will happen in an SHTF extended emergency – the country stripped clean of all edibles. – you say share the natural bounty and you are looked at like you are crazy. I don’t bother to go after huckleberries anymore, just grow my own raspberries.

      1. hermit us
        They would have to hike up a long & very steep trail to reach the place my mom would take me with her. It would take a LOT of motivation to get up there, that is why she always had berries.

    3. BBC,
      Last two or three summers there’s a couple of young guys that set up roadside stand just past the “Porch” selling huckleberries…just in case you come up short!

  6. Support your local community or farm family by being from the roadside stand:

    Many small growers will set up a shade and table in a wide spot in the road if they do not have a contract with a local market.

    Another hazard about picking your own berries close to or within a National Park or wildlife sanctuary: Bears…they like berries too. When I worked within a park, I never was able to find an intact patch of berries that were ripe for the picking that would yield more than 1/2 a cup.

    In drought years when the berry and acorn crop was low or poor, We saw and took reports for increased amounts of cars and trucks being broken into by bears searching for food.

  7. Baked first blackberry pies of the season the other day. Hacked my way in to where the fruit was hanging and picked a gallon without taking more than one step to the side. Had my antioxidants with a glass of milk for breakfast. Ha!

      1. Ken
        You talking about that fake stuff from a can or tub, then you may be eating some stuff that is impossible to digest – but does add bulk.

      2. Ken,
        It doesn’t matter………its going to happen at our house whether it negates the antioxidants or not!

  8. Hey NRP, are you familiar with Thimble Berries? Not a very prolific crop as far as food goes but the leaves make for a great TP substitute. For some reason lately I can’t help but think of you when I think of TP.

    1. me;
      Not heard of Thimble Berries, will look them up.
      As far as my legacy, with all the Poop I talk at lease some pat attention HAHAHAHA

    2. We have plenty of thimbleberries up north here. They are a beautiful dome shaped red berry, and make fantastic jelly. If you can’t get quite enough, then you can mix them with raspberries to make jelly. The only problem IS getting enough. I usually have to walk a mile or two to find enough. They are prolific along old logging roads, but not very many berries on a plant. So you have to walk a lot. Oh! and ya, they are a o.k. substitute for T.P. if you’re desperate.

  9. To NRP and me:

    My spouse and I are still working as nurses so we refer to ourselves as the “Self appointed King and Queen of Regularity”.

    Within my institution, I am a big advocate of prunes and applesauce. Living where I live and having the freedom to walk and drive, I choose to support the local school kids selling blueberries for their dad who is driving tractor. Have not been chased by a bear since I started going to the roadside stands.

    1. Calirefugee aka King Regularity;
      AHHHHH Man with all this talk of Blueberries yar driving me to the store, none here locally.
      “prunes and applesauce” Hence my stash of TP HAHAHAH
      Is 600 rolls really enough?

  10. Got a discount coupon from a local wine store for a bourbon – go figure. My mind went immediately into Homer Simpson mode . . . mmmm . . . bourbon. . . blackberries. . . ice cream.

    Turns out a 1999 study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found significant antioxidants in American bourbon. And in 2016, a study by the Department of Systems Medicine at the Universiry of Rome found that ice cream containing antioxidant-rich ingredients like dark chocolate can counteract oxidative stress in the elderly. I’ve always liked the chocolate and berry flavor combo.

    So there we have it. Dark chocolate ice cream with blackberries and a nice bourbon sauce is good for you.

    And yes, Ken, a study at the Food Science and Technology Department at Damanhour University in Egypt found that adding berries to whipped cream increased the antioxidant activity of the berries. And not just because you’ll be eating more of them.

  11. The black and red currant has a very high ORAC rating also. It is not very popular in the US because of a bad analysis over 100 years ago. It was blamed for hosting a fungus which infected pine trees. An effort was made to eradicate the berry in the early 1900’s. It turned out the berries did not enable the fungus, but most of the crop had been destroyed and it only survived in the wilderness. The berry has been revived recently and can be found in juices in supermarkets. I usually buy 5 pounds of red and black currents to make jam every year. Give it a try.

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