Happiness is a choice

Happiness Is A Choice

You may not realize it, but happiness is a choice. Some people seem to be happy a lot. Others never seem to be happy. It’s often fairly obvious if someone is generally happy or not.

If Happiness is a choice, what makes a person happy?

Well, I’m not a psychologist, but I do believe that much of it has to do with one’s outlook in general. More of a positive outlook, with the ability to deflect or adapt to the bombardment of negativity.

Some people seem perpetually happy. But how is that possible? One wonders if they simply do not recognize or care about the ‘bad’ things in the world around them. There sure is plenty of bad news out there, and plenty to worry about, right? Maybe some people are blissfully ignorant. Yes, that’s likely, for some. However I do not recommend trying to become blissfully ignorant :-)

Others who appear to always be happy may be on some sort of ‘pharmaceutical’. While some really do need it, I suspect that many probably do not. But that’s the way it is these days. Again, I do not recommend chemical induced happiness as a crutch :-)

The ability to temper the bad, and focus more on the good.

What do I mean by ‘the bad’?

Well, it could be people – those who are nearly constantly negative, downers, vampires (seemingly sucking the life out of you when you’re around them).

And the overwhelming bombardment of bad news out there. All the Fear news. Crises. Division. Conflict. I could go on and on…

I suppose that it may be easier said than done (the ability to temper the bad and focus more on the good). There’s just so much bad news and negativity out there seemingly everywhere today. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen it. How in the world can someone ‘temper’ that?

Focus more on that which you can control

Yes, there’s an overwhelming abundance of excrement out there. But most all of it, you cannot do anything about. So maybe, you don’t spend too much time dwelling on it. Don’t obsess over it. I know that may seem challenging. Because some of these issues may get you angry inside, to the extent that you’re feeding off it.

Instead, take a step back from that excrement. Get away from the smell.

I’m not suggesting that you quit staying informed (about the bad $hit in the world around us). After all, staying informed is an important part of prepping and preparedness.

Happiness is a choice. There are LOTS of external circumstances that could get to you (in the sense of getting you down). And yes, there are some personal life circumstances or events that absolutely will get to you, and get you down. But fortunately, these are usually few and far between. Apart from those times, happiness is a choice, of sorts.

Try not to let life control you. Instead, try to control your life.

Happiness isn’t ‘material, it’s a choice – an inward state of mind.

Make happiness a choice

Material things can be great. Fun too. However I do believe that it’s more about a state of mind. A life outlook. Seeking the positive. A good attitude. Being productive. Helpful. Appreciative. Thankful. Doing what you enjoy. The marvel of nature around us. The good. Having the ability to adapt and overcome, and thus peace of mind.

I do also believe that some have an easier go at this than others. I admit that all the bad news out there (and the direction where we’re all seemingly headed) can get to me at times. Sometimes I need to remind myself that much of that, I cannot do anything about – other than perhaps adapt or prepare.

Some people evidently have a natural gift of an inherent positive outlook. Mrs. J happens to be one of them, in my opinion. She offsets my occasional doom-and-gloom when I’ve consumed too much news :-)

Stay away from vampires.

The choice is yours. Happiness. So stay away from vampires. They tend to suck the happiness from your life essence.

Some people complain a lot (a lot!). Some people enjoy making others around them miserable. Others enjoy power and control (over you), some of whom become politicians (the truth!).

You don’t need friends who are perpetually negative. It will affect you, negatively. It’s your choice. Lose those type of people.

To sum it up…

The world we live in is full of problems. Some are pretty big problems. Some we might be able to do something about. But probably most of them – not so much. Don’t spend too much time catching up with all of the ‘bad news’. Don’t fall prey to the mainstream fear propaganda.

True happiness comes from within.

Choose to spend more time on the pursuit of happiness.

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