Lose one pound a week

Would you like to lose one pound a week until you reach a weight goal that suits you?

Maybe you’re simply overweight and want to lose weight.

You might have eaten way too much during the Thanksgiving Holiday or the Christmas Holiday period. Or both! Who doesn’t, right?

I stepped on the scale this morning and discovered that I’ve packed on a number of unwanted pounds since November. Again, most all of us indulge too much during this time of year. But here’s the difficult reality:

It’s easy to gain an extra pound in one day.

It takes a much longer time than that to lose one pound!

Here’s why: It’s about the math. Yes, there’s math involved…


One Pound equals about 3,500 calories

It is well documented that approximately 3,500 calories is what goes into each pound of your overall weight.

Do you know how darn easy it is to consume 3,500 calories?
(You probably know)

The thing is, do you know how darn hard it is to rid your weight of those 3,500 calories?
(you probably know)

In one sitting you might eat too much and too many calories. A big meal and all those sweets. Or simply too many oversize meals in one day (and too many sweets / sugars). Adult beverages really pack in the calories too!

Just one day of over indulgence could take an entire week of a calorie deficient diet to just break even! It’s cruel, I know. But that’s the math.


3500 divided by 7 days equals 500 calories per day

That’s right. If you want to lose one pound of weight (each and every one), you will need to eat roughly 500 calories LESS per day for a week. And that’s not less than 3,500, that’s less than a ‘normal’ diet where you would remain even…

You gotta pay to play. Losing weight is the ‘pay’ part.


How many calories in a normal diet?

An average person will burn about 2,000 calories per day. This figure will vary somewhat depending on age, gender, and activity.

Eating (and drinking) roughly 2,000 calories per day is an approximate normal consumption with some variables. A 2,000 calorie daily intake will remain approximately weight neutral.


Diet reduction to 1,500 calories per day

For most average people, they will have to give up 500 calories per day for a week to lose one pound of weight gained during that single day of indulgence.


Embrace the suck.

That said, you can do it. Here’s how:

Think about your normal eating habits throughout a typical day and week.

Chances are that there’s something in there that’s extra high in calories that you could give up or substitute. You’ve got to find 500 calories somewhere. I’ll bet that you can.


Find That One Thing

We all have different eating and drinking habits.

Some of you may drink soda. Well each can is at least 150 calories, maybe more. Give it up. Drink water for a week instead. Better yet, give up the soda!

Sweets. Sugar is LOADED with calories. And you may be shocked to discover how much sugar is in the foods and snacks that you might be eating each day. If you give up the sweets, you will likely have found your way to lose that pound each week (or more!).

Maybe you drink that special coffee mix at Starbucks. Any idea how many calories are in all that extra stuff that’s mixed in with it?

Alcohol. It’s packed with calories. Lots. Maybe you cut back a bit for awhile to lose that weight.

I don’t have to spell it all out for you, because you already know your guilty pleasures in this regard.

Choose your 500 calories per day ‘thing’ to give up.
Stick with it for awhile to lose that pound.


Lose One Pound

Weight Loss Tip #1

I can nearly guarantee that if you simply substitute water instead of your other beverages for one week, you will likely have found your 500 calories per day!

Weight Loss Tip #2

Calories can also be burned off with exercise. While it may take an hour on a treadmill to just burn a few hundred calories, it will also get your metabolism going which will further enhance your body burning calories for a time afterwards.

Start Now

Given that the date of this post is January 1, New Years Day, I’ll bet many of you have a resolution to lose some weight. Hopefully this little bit of advice will get you on your way!

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