Mosquito Control

Is the mosquito your State Bird’? ;)

Mosquito Treatment

I will list a number of methods to control mosquitoes below, including natural and other treatments. But first, know this:

Mosquito control is mostly related with WATER. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water or damp soil. They thrive in wet, moist, damp conditions.

How long does it take for a mosquito to hatch?

The mosquito transitions from larvae to pupa to adult as soon as 4 days! For mosquito control, remove the conditions which enable their ability to thrive. Follow these suggestions:

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Eliminate Pooling Water

Check everything and anything in the yard for pooling of water. Remove, turn over, or regularly clean objects that allow water to pool. Bird baths – clean them regularly. Don’t leave buckets, toy pools, toys, pots, gardening items that collect water, or any other container to sit outside where they can collect water.

Keep the Grass Mowed Short

 Mow the grass fairly short because deep tall grass enables an ideal moist breeding ground for the mosquito. This makes a big difference!

Cut Out Low Hanging Tree Branches

Some trees (such as a Spruce tree) puts out low branches right to ground level. Mosquitoes love it in there! Trim off the low branches to create at least several feet of air-gap to the ground.

Trim Back your Shrubs

Trim your shrubs and overhanging vegetation. Again, mosquitoes like damp places and will thrive on damp ground beneath vegetation.

Keep Your Gutters Clean of Debris

When rain gutters accumulate leaves and debris, they become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Clean them out once a year.

Stop Dripping Water

Stop leaks and drips of water from outdoor taps or hoses. Replace O-rings or valve seats to stop the drip. The constant slow leak or drip will create a moist habitat for breeding mosquitoes.

Improve Drainage

Identify areas with poor drainage after a rain. You may be able to improve the situation. This will depend of course on your own landscape.

Check Air Conditioner Drainage

Make sure that water is not pooling at the bottom of the A/C unit and that it’s draining well. Properly mounted window A/C units are slightly pitched so that water drains out the back. Sometimes the bottom tray gets filled with gunk and blocks the drain holes.

Stagnant Swimming Pool

Don’t allow water to become stagnant in a swimming pool. Empty the water from kiddie pools when not in use. For larger swimming pools, be sure to run the filter long enough each day. Chlorinate the pool! A algae green pool becomes a massive breeding area for mosquitoes!

Small Pond on the Property?

Active ponds with fish will provide a better ecosystem to self-regulate mosquitoes. If a pond is very stagnant and without fish or other predators that will eat mosquito larvae, watch out – get ready to be eaten alive.

Bat House for Mosquito Control

How many mosquitoes do bats eat? Incredibly, a bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes an hour and 6,000 to 8,000 insects each night!! This sounds like a great method of mosquito treatment!

Dump Water Every 4 Days

If your environment requires that you keep standing water (feeding troughs, bowls, etc..) then be sure to empty them every 4 days to destroy the mosquito larvae.

Mosquito Removal by Other Methods

Tried all the natural ways of control? Okay, time for next level mosquito treatment…

Mosquito Dunks

They are little doughnut shaped rings to place in standing water (small ponds, hydroponic systems, animal water troughs, bird baths, etc..). The dunks will eliminate mosquito larvae for about 30 days. It’s harmless to other forms of life.
Mosquito Dunks

Bug Zapper

You can hardly beat a good old electric bug zapper! Install it at least 25 feet away from where you might be in the evening (so you’re not part of the mosquito party).

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Insect Repellent for Clothing

I have been using Permethrin for a number of years with great success. It is designed to spray on your clothes. It does not stain. No smell or residue. But it will keep the skeeters from biting through your clothes!

 Tip: Spray Permethrin on a ball cap – helps keep them away from your head!

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Insect Repellent for your Skin

I have discovered what works best for me. It’s called Picaridin. You need to check this out. Consumer Reports rated on its list of safe insect repellents.

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Lawn Treatment for Mosquito Control

Use a lawn spreader to spread insect killer granules. You can get this at nearly any hardware store or Big Box store, Home Depot, etc.. It makes a big difference. You can also get this stuff in a hose spray attachment too.

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Any other ideas for mosquito treatment and control?

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