Mosquito Control

Is the mosquito your ‘state bird’? 😉

Mosquito control is largely to do with WATER. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water or damp soil. They love dampness and moisture.

Why is controlling the water so important?
Because the mosquito transitions from larvae to pupa to adult as soon as 4 days!

Here are a few tips how to control (get rid of) mosquitoes:

Short Grass
Keep grass mowed fairly short because deep tall grass enables an ideal moist breeding ground for the mosquito. This tip makes a big difference!

Trim your shrubs and overhanging vegetation. Mosquitoes like damp places and will thrive on damp ground beneath vegetation.

Low Tree branches
If you have a tree (such as a Spruce tree) that puts out branches right to ground level, trim off the low branches to create several feet of air-gap to the ground.

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Pooling Water
Check the yard for anything that enables the pooling of water. Remove, turn over, or regularly clean objects that allow water pooling. Bird baths – clean them regularly. Don’t leave buckets, toy pools, toys, pots, gardening items that collect water, or any other container to sit outside where they can collect water.

Keep your gutters clean. This is important. If they are clogged up, they can accumulate water and provide ideal breeding grounds.

Stop leaks and drips of water. If you have leaking outdoor taps, get these fixed. The leak will be pooling somewhere, creating a moist habitat for breeding mosquitoes.

If there are parts of the yard that can fill with water, and it doesn’t drain quickly, fill it in or improve the drainage.

Air Conditioner
Check your air conditioner. Make sure that water is not pooling at the bottom of the unit and that it is draining properly. Make sure that window mounted A/C units are slightly pitched so that water drains off and out.

Swimming Pool
If you have one, your swimming pool or spa could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Be sure to treat the water and run the pump enough to circulate the water. Unattended swimming pools will quickly turn dark green with algae and become filled with millions of mosquitoes.

Fish Pond
If you have a pond on your property, stock it with fish. Active ponds will provide the right ecosystem to self-regulate mosquitoes. If a pond is very stagnant and without fish or other predators that will eat mosquito larvae, watch out – get ready to be eaten alive.

Mosquito Dunks
These are little doughnut shaped rings to place in standing water (Koi ponds, hydroponic systems, animal water troughs, bird baths, etc..) and will eliminate mosquito larvae while harmless to other forms of life.
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