Poison Ivy itch is the worst! Do you want to know one of the best temporary itch relief home remedies for poison ivy rash? Believe it or not, this works. I have done it myself (multiple times) and can say with certainty that this will help with poison ivy itch.


Use HOT Water for Poison Ivy Itch Relief

Note: After initial contact with poison ivy, use cool or cold water with soap to help get the oils off. See below for specifics.

Though once the bumpy itchy symptoms have taken over (too late for the oils to get off), the following remedy DOES WORK:

Run HOT water over the affected rash area, as HOT as you can tolerate without burning yourself… the HOTTER the water (don’t burn yourself) the more effective it will be to eliminate the itch!

Here are more details on how this free home remedy works…

This is what will happen…

It’s easiest if the poison ivy rash is on an extremity (fingers, arm, leg, etc..) enabling you to run hot water over it in the sink. Start rinsing the rash with hot water that you can tolerate. Then increase the water temperature to the HOTTEST temperature that you can tolerate without burning yourself.

Note: I must warn you that the initial itch sensation from the hot water contacting the affected area will be quite strong. At least it was for me. You will have a very intense urge to scratch the itch – but do not scratch! This sensation will be worse right when you start, but it will reduce after about 30 seconds to a minute or so.

You will know when you have reached a hot enough temperature when you begin to feel the intense initial poison ivy itch sensation. Trust me though – it’s worth enduring because this will cure your itch for several hours!

Run the hot water for about two minutes. The urge to scratch will begin to reduce in intensity. After the hot water rinse, the itch will be completely gone for several hours! It really works!

Note: A very HOT bath will work too.

How Hot Water Relieves Poison Ivy Itch

How does this work?

Your immune system reacts with the poison ‘urushiol’ oil that gets on your skin from coming into contact with the poison ivy itself. In response, your immune system generates histamines at the affected areas.

Hot water draws out the histamines from the skin. It takes the body several hours to build up more histamine afterward.

Tip: Taking an over-the-counter antihistamine such as Benadryl also helps, but will make you drowsy (good for bedtime though!).

Get it before you actually need it! Benadryl

First Thing To Do After Contact With Poison Ivy

When you first realize you have been exposed to poison ivy, you have about 15 minutes (some say up to 2 hours) to greatly reduce or eliminate the poison ivy itch symptoms.

Immediately run lots of cool or cold water over the skin. The best action is to take a cold shower and let the water rinse off the poison urushiol oil before it bonds with the skin.

The water will be spreading the oil around so you want the pores to close. That’s why you need cool water in this phase. You need to rinse long enough for all of the oil to run off completely. Do not use warm or hot water during this first step, which will open the pores and allow the poison urushiol oil to penetrate.

One of the best products to remove poison ivy (urushiol) oil is something called Tecnu. You might want to get some of this too BEFORE you need it…

Tecnu Poison Oak & Ivy Skin Cleanser

Avoid Poison Ivy Itch: Leaves Of  Three, Let Them Be

Poison Ivy leaves
Poison Ivy Itch Leaves

Poison Oak leaves

Poison Ivy and Poison Oak have 3 leaves.

The leaves appear somewhat oily or shiny.

They will sometimes have a reddish hue depending on their age and the season.

Poison Ivy leaves are more pointed than Poison Oak leaves.

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