This is the right way to wash your hands.

Avoid infection / virus infecting your body. One significant way to do this is wash your hands.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Viruses like the cold, flu, coronavirus, etc., have any easy transmission method into your body by way of infected hands. The hands touch the face, and next thing you know the virus found its way via eyes, nose, or mouth.

Bacteria and virus may remain on surfaces of things for awhile. Things that you are likely to touch at some point. Here are a few susceptible things…

Checkout counter keypad digits for your debit/credit card. A zillion people before you have punched those keys.

Rest room door knobs/handles.

Fresh produce at the grocery store that many people before you picked up and handled, then put back down.

Other people’s hands! (i.e. shaking hands with another).

Store carriage handlebar.

Grocery store checkout conveyor belts?

Get the idea? There are LOTS of things that many other people have touched prior to you touching or handling. All it takes is one contagious person with virus, and you might get infected yourself. (Bacteria too).

How To Wash Your Hands

This may sound silly. But most people don’t wash their hands well enough.

Lather up with soap.

Scrub them front and back.

Get between your fingers, and even under your nails to the extent you can.

Do this for at least 20 seconds (most people don’t!).

Then rinse with water. Warm or cold water doesn’t matter.

IMPORTANT: Use a fingernail brush, especially if your nails are not cut short!
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Tips AFTER You Have Washed Your Hands

Avoid touching the faucet with your hands after having washed them. A paper towel is your friend. Especially in a public place!

Similarly don’t touch the paper towel dispenser in a public rest room with your hands (i.e. some have a push lever). Use an elbow (for example).

While exiting a rest room with a door knob or handle. Don’t touch it with your clean hands! Use paper towel. Or tuck the sleeve of your shirt into your hand for a barrier.

Opening a door at a public place. If it doesn’t require turning a knob, push on the door with the side of your arm, or use your butt, or knuckles. Push on a part of the door where most people won’t. Like higher up.

If You Do Not Have Access To Soap and Water

Do not touch your face with your hands. Easier said than done… We do it instinctively with an itch, or whatever – without even thinking about it.

Use alcohol based wipes, foam or gel with at least 60% alcohol solution.

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You are not being paranoid by washing your hands. You’re being smart.

Okay you in the medical field… what say you regarding hand washing and such? More tips?

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